April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014

Pearl Daisy Asia Tour 2014 is pushed to September

As I have written on my past article, First Ever Pearl Daisy Asia Tour 2014, that this April British-Muslim fashion designer, Amena of Pearl Daisy (also known by her YouTube alias, Amenakin), being scheduled to go on her inaugural Asia Tour; Kuala Lumpur on April 18, and Singapore on April 20.

Yet, the latest news I got, according to their media release team, the Pearl Daisy Asia Tour has been pushed to after the Hari Raya festivities in September this year.

The event organiser for this tour, Aquila Style, came to this careful decision after receiving an increasing number of responses from interested partners and vendors that includes well-respected hijab icon from Indonesia, Dian Pelangi.

In addition to include more partners, vendors and guest artists in September, Aquila Style also aims to slash ticket prices to make it even more affordable for everyone. Acoording to them, those who have bought tickets will be contacted individually on their refund and will be invited to attend the bigger and better cultural event for free. Additionally, Aquila Style will be presenting exclusive goodie bags to all existing ticketholders.

Many exciting changes are in the pipeline for the upcoming Pearl Daisy Asia Tour in September, including the addition of a Jakarta leg to cater to Amenakin’s fans in Indonesia. Yeeyy! So.. for you, Amena's fans in Jakarta who want to meet Amena.. Amena is coming to town! ;)

Aquila Style also aims to make this event even better in September.

Okay, Lovelies, I'll inform you again closer to the due date. Have a lovely week! :)


April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Things I like this week: Long sleeved mini dresses from Asian iCandy Indie Clothing

I love Asian iCandy's collection.. As an Indie Clothing line, they have many fabulous and distinctive pieces that I love.. though, I didn't write much about them.

This is the third time I mention Asian iCandy store on the blog. I write about it the very first time (has been very long ago) in December 2010 (you can read it here) for their cute and unique Asian apparel and accessories. The second time, was not so long ago, I mentioned their cute 'Alice in Wonderland' Book purse which I stumbled upon the net in this post.

Asian iCandy is a new choice of unique clothes from independent designers of Asia. They said on the site that Asian iCandy strives to incorporate all different styles from Asia; from Chinese-inspired folk to Japanese kawaii and mori girl to Korean streetwear to Hmong ethnic bags.. It also carries many handmade, independently designed, one-of-a-kind items not commonly found outside of Asia.. Wow! Isn't it great for western fashionista who love and want to buy Asian art clothing? hehhe.. Not only that, what I like is that there're also many modest pieces to pick on the site.

Back to the last week, I've been searching for a cute, lady-like, modest yet edgy long-sleeved mini dress.. It could be a vintage-inspired or modern, as long as I love the design. I think this dress would be lovely paired with a well-cut straight-line trousers or maxi skirt, and a scarf, for a hijab-ready look.

Then.. Asian iCandy's cute Asian-inspired clothing crossed my mind, and I was so curious on what they have nowadays.. I was excitedly browsing the site again..

These items, found on Asia iCandy, represent what sort of long-sleeved dress I've been craving for. What do you think? ;) There are still so many more Asian iCandy's long-sleeved dresses that I love.

Click here to browse Asian iCandy store and discover their unique and fabulous items of yourself..


April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014

Scarf World Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Virtri from Jakarta for winning the Scarf World Giveaway.

Please email your full name, mailing address, and which scarf do you pick as your prize to rania@fashfaith.com. InshaAllah your prize will be making its way to you shortly after I receive your email..

Below is Virtri's favourite scarf from ScarfWorld.com:


Click here to see more fabulous scarves from Scarf World.


April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

'Dibaj' Abayas Winter 2014 collection

Dibaj Fashion Abayas is one of the fashion abayas that showing a touch of elegance in every pieces of their collection. At Dibaj, they strive to make stylish abayas.. but never letting go of elegance. For this Winter 2014, there are nine new abayas from Dibaj. Watch the video above to see their new pieces..

Here are my favourite two:

Daleela abaya and Joud jilbab..

Winter 2014 abaya collection by Dibaj is sold at www.2hijab.com.

All their abayas are tailored to measure, so you can make the abaya you want according to your exact body measures. When you ordering please check size-chart, found in "Size Chart Tab" in detailed product description. You can also choose the colours you want for your abaya from the option available.


April 6, 2014

April 6, 2014

Quote I like today.. by Roald Dahl

If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely. 
 - Roald Dahl

[Photo: taken by Rania of FashFaith.com]


April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014

[Hijab wrapping tutorial] Hijab style by Zahratul Jannah

These hijab wrapping tutorials are presented by Zahratul Jannah. Thanks to Zahratul Jannah for the tutorials. I knew Zahratul from Instagram, and since then I like to see her tutorials. I thought the hijab styles she taught are effortlessly chic and easy to do. Also, she used the scarves that we usually wear everyday, such as the popular square chiffon scarf (or so-called 'jilbab paris'), or the rectangle scarf (pashmina).

These are two styles that I picked. Both are using a square scarf. They are easy to wrap, look effortlessly chic, and I think they give a bit volume on your head (which I love).. I really love the style and have been worn these (with a little bit twist to suit my own taste.. ^_^ ) for the past few weeks..

How-to wrap it:
1. Put the scarf on your head, both sides are equally long, no need to fold it, then pin it below your chin.
2. Take all parts of the scarf to the front.
3 & 4. Then bring it to the top, wrapping around your head.
5. Pin it.
6. Make one or two folds on top of your head.. it's up to your taste ;)
7. Then pick a bit the drapery (hanging part).
8. Pin it on the back of your neck.
9. Voila.. you're ready to go! ;)

How-to wrap it:
1. Fold one tip of the scarf into small triangle. Put it on your head.
2. Pin the right and left side of the scarf around your face onto your inner. Then bring all parts of the scarf to the front.
3. Take the part from the opposite-side of your head,
4. then bring it to the top, wrapping around your head.
5. Pint it on the back.
6. There are two parts left on the front.
7. One part is pinned on the back of your neck.
8. The other part is pinned on your shoulder. You can also use a pretty brooch to pin this one.. ;)
9. Voila! That's a wrap! ;)

Click here to see more Zahratul's hijab tutorials on Instagram.


March 29, 2014

March 29, 2014

NurZahra RTW Fall 2014 collection at Tokyo Fashion Week

NurZahra 'Layers of Fidelity' Lookbook:

NurZahra 2014 lookbook, NurZahra AW2014 “Layers of Fidelity”
Photographer Ali Lukiyanto, Fashion Stylist Amanda Prihutomo, Assistant Stylist Eddy Fam.
Jewelry by Litany, Shoes by Yongki Komaladi, Windri Widiesta Dhari

NurZahra's Fall 2014 collection 'Layers of Fidelity' was recently presented in one of the famous fashion week in Asia: Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Week on March 19, 2014.

The designer behind this collection, Windri Widiesta Dhari, aims to create modest yet stylish attire for Muslim women with her NurZahra line.

As an Indonesian and a Muslim, I'm proud of NurZahra.. not many line/label which specifically dedicated for Muslim women could reach famous International runways. Also, as an Indonesia based brand, it could has a runway show in, which recognized globally, Tokyo Fashion Week.

As for this Fall, Dhari placed a major emphasis on layering. She kept her silhouettes relaxed, working various combinations of straight pants, tunics, jackets and maxidresses. The collection was showing a strong ethnic impression a la NurZahra using its signature Shibori colouring technique (Japanese tie-dye) incorporated with Indonesia Batik techniques for creating intricate prints inspired by Islamic architectural elements. Blue indigo, mustard yellow, opaque green, and beige were the primary hues.

While each look featured a head scarf, Dhari got creative to mix-and-match some of these fabulous headscarves with a series of wide, wrap-around hats reminiscent of “The Flying Nun,” as well as a few riffs on traditional Dutch caps, and created distinctive yet sophisticated looks.

I really love this strong character of NurZahra in its designs and the natural colours using in its Fall 2014 collection.. ;)

Diaz Parzada, direktur kreatif Jakarta Fashion Week, also said “According to specialists from the Centre for Fashion Enterprise in London, who are the advisors of Indonesia Fashion Forward program, the designs of NurZahra, using organic materials which show natural colors, wholly match Southern European and Japanese consumers. It is the Moslem wear version of Emporio Armani and Max Mara“. Wow.. cool! ;)

Here are some NurZahra's looks I love from the Tokyo Fashion Week's runway:

Photo by Giovanni Giannoni via WWD; Lookbook photo by Ali Lukiyanto via NurZahra Indonesia

See the complete collection from the runway here.

March 21, 2014

March 21, 2014

First Ever Pearl Daisy Asia Tour 2014

This April, British-born modern hijab stylist, fashion entrepreneur and acclaimed Islamic columnist, Amena (also known by her YouTube alias, Amenakin) will go on her inaugural Pearl Daisy Asia Tour.

For the first time ever, Amena's fans — numbering over 200,000 on her social media platforms — will get the chance to personally interact with the stylish and effervescent personality in a unique showcase of Islamic fashion, music and art, on April 18 in Kuala Lumpur and April 20 in Singapore.

Accompanying Amena on this exciting journey is renowned Tunisian calli-graffiti artist, eL Seed, whose breathtaking work adorns the minaret of the Jara Mosque in his hometown and more recently, Louis Vuitton luggage trunks and scarves.

Organised by forward-thinking Islamic lifestyle magazine - Aquila Style; this fashion, art and music tour (named after Amena’s popular online hijab and clothing store, Pearl Daisy) also includes a fashion showcase by plus-size designer, Jane Watson, and Mediterranean-influenced designer, Lulu Alhadad. Singaporean rapper, Daly Filsuf, also features in the lineup.

Amena first made a name for herself with hijab tutorials on YouTube.

I remember.. back in year 2009, during my first year of blogging.. days when there's no inner ninja - inner ninja/ninja headdress is the most revolutionary invention in hijab styling I think.. ^_^, Amena had creatively given tutorials on many fabulous hijab style on her YouTube channel. I loved watching her tutorials. She was my very first teacher in hijab styling and she had inspired me with her tutorials.

At that time, I ever once messaged her asking for her permission to publish her video on my blog.. She kindly responded and gave me the permission.. I felt so happy at that time! :)

Click here to see one of her videos I embedded on this blog in December 2009. It's about Summer Style Hijab and be one of my favourite tutorials :)

Amena's passion for Islamic fashion and the arts shot her almost meteorically to fame and she has in the past year graced mainstream and digital TV screens both as a guest and as an interviewer.

This former teacher and mother of two isn’t just a fashion icon, though her 'Pearl Daisy' business moves swiftly with its brand of Hoojab — Amena’s own creation — and stunning accessories.

During the Pearl Daisy Asia Tour, this innately charming star will relate her experiences as a hijabi entrepreneur working her way through life in the United Kingdom. Amena is an eloquent columnist and motivational speaker, but the event promises to be more than a talk — it’s a showcase of current fashions hosted by the world-renowned Pearl Daisy brand, as well as art and music.

Contests leading up to the events in each city will give Amena’s fans a chance to win tickets to an exclusive meet-and-greet, and all guests will receive goodie bags compiled specially by Amena’s partners in style and the Islamic arts.

For updates and more information on the Pearl Daisy Asia Tour 2014, visit the official event website.

As a world leading ‘scenester’ herself, Amena is available to speak on:
  •     Globe-trotting in hijab
  •     Global lifestyle trends such as evolution of ‘hijabistas’ and emergence of ‘mipsterz’
  •     Hoojab-ing your wardrobe

Details of the tour:

Kuala Lumpur: April 18, 3pm at the Duchess Place.

Ticket: MYR120 (early bird, closes April 17), MYR150 (at door), MYR180 (Aquila VIP, closes April 17).

Singapore: April 20, 12pm at the Orchid Country Club.

Ticket: SGD100 (early bird, closes April 19), SGD120 (at door), SGD150 (Aquila VIP, closes April 19).

Tickets are now on sale at www.pearldaisyasiatour.com

If only I could go..


"Modesty has its own style. Within Islam's mandate for modesty, the styles are endless.."


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