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November 18, 2015

November 18, 2015

Angara's Gemstone Jewelry collection

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

I hardly ever wear jewelries. Mostly I wear a watch, and sometimes wear alternately a ring and a bracelet. It doesn't mean that I don't like jewelries, it's just I usually forget to wear one (or two), and in my days now wearing jewelries seem not practical for me as I handle the children on my own.. But today, I want to share some fine jewelries I found at Angara which specializing in diamond and gemstone jewelry, and has main business in engagement rings.

I like browsing the site, and found so many beautiful pieces to choose from. There are various colored gemstone and style; whether it's sapphire, ruby, emerald, pink tourmaline, citrine, etc., whether it's halo style, three-stone, vintage, dancing gemstones, etc...

Above are some of my picks of those jewelries. Their unique shapes and the vintage-inspired style are my favorites. All of the colors spark beautifully. As for necklace number 6, it actually has a "dancing" pink gemstone, unfortunately I can't capture the beautiful sparkling of its dance -- simply visit the site to see this details.

Also, if you love or in the hunt for gemstone jewelry, try browsing the site to see more Angara's collection. So, which one is your favorite?


November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Style Crush: Diana Kotb, the Label.

Diana Kotb's Autumn/Winter 2014 collection:

Alhamdulillah.. it's raining here, after months of 'dry' season without rain! Our water-spring/well has started to dry. Plants and grasses have been so dried and changing their colors to brown. Now, as the rain is pouring down, the air is filled by the crisp, cool breeze that brings the scents of rain and wet dust. I'm so grateful..

Whilst it's raining outside, I'd love to share what I found recently. I was just randomly stumbled upon a clothing label by Diana Kotb. Diana is a modest fashion designer who lives in Australia. I firstly discovered Diana Kotb through instagram which then guiding me to her site, Looking at the lookbook and pieces she designed is incredibly impressing to me as it reflects a lot of my dream personal style -- I said 'dream' because I haven't had clothing pieces like these yet (blushing). Her designs are far beyond the typical Muslimah dresses as she channels old western style in an exquisite cut, tailored garment with sophisticated construction, and finishes each look off with retro accessories (boater hat, flower headband, etc). And this is the style I've been looking for! I was dreaming of a covered-style which has a touch of retro, whimsical and girly. I'm in love with her designs, and definitely would love to see even more of them.

And now I'm craving for those wool hat and vintage boater hat as pictured in the first image. Besides you probably could ask Diana for those hats, I saw a wool hat like that at H&M, and many gorgeous vintage boater hats at Etsy, but the price range is really out of my budget -- there are some woven-straw's craftsmenship here in my area, so I'm thinking of making my own vintage-inspired boater hat (by the helping of craftsmen, of course).

Here are few pictures from Diana Kotb's collections: the autumn/winter 2014, the Vicereine 2015, and the winter 2015. For more information about this label, visit

[Images via]

Diana Kotb's the Vicereine 2015 collection:

Diana Kotb's Winter 2015 collection:


November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Outfit: Peach, Brown, Terracotta, and a pair of vintage Etienne Aigner leather ankle boots.

First thing I picked to create this outfit was this textured pinkish peach dress. Beside its pretty cut, I especially love its textured fabric. The texture adds a uniqueness to this dress. I then spontaneously paired it with brown cardigan, terracotta shawl, maroon handbag, and a pair of brown leather ankle-boots.. and then I realized that these colors are in the same color palette -- warm hues, a blending of orange, brown, red; and they made a good combination and looked autumnal.

As for these vintage lace-up boots, there's a story behind them. These vintage Etienne Aigner leather boots are pieces that I've been waiting for so long! They are a gift I picked myself from ThreeLittleWaves (a vintage shop based in the USA which has many unique and lovely vintage pieces) that had been given to me for winning a giveaway contest hosted by Larkspur Vintage collaborating with ThreeLittleWaves back then, about six months ago. These boots have been shipped to my address on June 1, 2015. I estimated it will arrive in July: about mid July or at the end of July (based on my experiences accepting packages from USA). But until August, the package didn't arrive. I asked the post office here several times (in August and September) to ask whether it has arrived or not, but the package still had not arrived. There's no tracking number either. Then, I gave up. I never asked the post office again. I thought I have lost them. I also didn't tell the 'giver' of this gift, because I didn't want to disturb them with this issue (they have been kindly giving me this gift. They had shipped out the gift, so now it's not their responsibility anymore). And I didn't know to whom I have to ask or complain about this issue... The post office only said that they haven't received it yet. Then, I just forgot about it.

Surprisingly, about a week ago, on October 26, 2015, the package arrived! Took almost 5 months! Can you believe this? -- strangely in the night before I suddenly remembered the package and planning to ask the post office again in the morning --. 

I don't know why it took so long to arrive, not like other packages I ever received from USA. I immediately opened it to check, and yes! It's the boots I've been waiting for! I tried them on, and they fitted me perfectly! Alhamdulillah.. I'm so grateful.

Long story short, so here they are.. my new favorite shoes for now! I wore them almost everyday ever since. They are so comfortable to wear, have very good quality, and looking stylish (don't they?).

The 'Vikings' pin I wore is special, too.. it was a gift from my little sister when she traveled to KΓΈbenhavn, Denmark, in December 2012.

old cardigan
old pants
old handbag
Tommy Hilfiger watch (similar)
'Vikings' pin (from my little sister, bought in Denmark)
floral printed socks
*pictures by Lady Elmas 


October 30, 2015

October 30, 2015

Outfit: Into the pine-woods and down by the river

I really like the result of these snapshots. The lights from afternoon's sun, the scenery, my gesture, create a photography I've been wanted to. Taken during my short 'nature' trip exploring the area near my town -- we found out this small pine-woods I never knew before, and a river. I like the 'woods shoot' more, compared to the 'river shoot' I took. The river, where I took these snapshots, is at an open land.. perhaps it would give different result if there are shades of trees covering the river.

I think the woods or a forest has more opportunities to create magical photography. As for this shoot, the lights that fall between the trees, peeking out from the leaves and branches, the shades of trees and other vegetation and animals, the pine cones, the moss, the cool breeze, the dust that came from Merapi volcano's eruption; all give those magical vibes of 'fairy tales'. It's like I was playing in the fairies and elves' wonderland.

Actually, I want to dig out more for this shoot; like trying different angle and composition, trying different pose, and playing more with lights, yet, with your young children around, you just can't do that...-- you know, after I finished taking these quick photos, little sweetie already covered with dust!

But after seeing these photographs, I definitely want to do 'woods/forest photography' more often.

At the river:

Forever21 blouse (similar)
vintage dress
old jeans (similar)
Bellagio boots (similar)
old handbag
*pictures by my aunt, camera setting by me*


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