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February 5, 2016

February 5, 2016

Remix: Four Outfits for Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese Lunar New Year (or in Indonesia so-called Tahun Baru Imlek, or Sin Cia, or Festival Musim Semi) is approaching just around the corner. Some people here commonly celebrate it by having a gathering and a feast with family and friends, watching the Chinese lion dance (Barongsai) performance, eating the signature Chinese-new-year's food (kue keranjang, oranges), wearing red outfit, etc. Several schools celebrate it by introducing Chinese culture to their students, also by experiencing and learning Chinese tradition. When my kids were still in kindergarten, their school used to invite barongsai to school to perform and children also learning Chinese tradition. Parents were invited too, to join their children celebrating the Chinese new year at school. Click through here to see me and the children enjoying that event back then. And, as usual, there was a 'dress code'; to wear Chinese-style or red outfit.

When celebrating the Chinese new year, people usually either wearing Chinese style (such as Chinese traditional piece, cheong-sam collared dress, Chinese patterned piece, etc.), or simply wear red-colored outfit (usually paired with color gold).

Here, I tried to mix-and-match my wardrobe pieces into sort of Chinese-new-year looks -- fortunately, I have one original Chinese traditional coat, passed down from my grandma..  I have created four looks that can be worn, not only for attending Chinese new year's celebration, but also as daily outfit. A little tips from me are:
  • You can choose to totally wearing a whole Chinese traditional outfit, or combined a piece or two Chinese traditional clothing/accessory (a top, skirt, head accessory, or an earrings/brooch) paired with your casual wardrobe pieces. Here, I was wearing my Chinese traditional coat (look 1)
  • You can also simply combine a red piece with color gold. Yet, it's not that you can't mix red with other color. Playing up to try out to mix red with other color -- here, I mixed red with navy blue (look 3 and 4)
  • Don't be hesitate to add your own personality or signature style to the look. Here, I was wearing my vintage dress underneath the traditional coat (look 1), and my favorite oxford shoes (all looks)
  • Add a bit of bling-bling, such as sequins, glitters, satin headscarf, or tassels, for a more formal look -- I wore a glittery skirt (look 2)
Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

I got these pieces from various sources. The Chinese traditional coat is from my grandma. The navy vintage dress and yellow cardigan were found at a thrift store. The glittery skirt and the red apron-dress are from my sister. The red tunic was borrowed from my mom. The midi vintage-inspired skirt is a gift from a sponsor. The headscarves, pants, shoes, are old pieces I bought on my own.

Wearing red outfit is a part of Chinese tradition for celebrating the new year. If you are thinking 'why wearing red?', you can read a bit story behind the Chinese tradition in celebrating lunar new year here, in Bahasa Indonesia (written by one of well known Indonesian high-street stores, Matahari, which also provides pretty Chinese girl clothing). Just click through the link: koleksi baju sincia terlengkap.

Okay then, Lovelies. Happy celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year!

*Thank you Matahari for sponsoring this post. All I write here are my own honest opinion.


January 30, 2016

January 30, 2016

Outfit: "Polka Dots"

The polka dots print on this peach chiffon dress I was wearing were not actually dots.. They are more likely small white clouds. I love polka dots.. yet, if I have to choose, I prefer something that look like polka dots but not really a "dots". Even though polka dots are a true classic, but it seems that they have been too "mainstream" -- It doesn't mean that I won't be wearing polka dots anymore. No! I do have few clothes with polka dots prints and I still would love to wear them... 

This small clouds print dress is an example of dots-look-alike I love. I also have seen beautiful dresses with a print of apples, oranges, duck-eggs, cherries, ladybirds, clover leaves... At a glance, they all look like dots but actually they aren't. Those kind of prints are sort of a new take on polka dots.. a twisted version of polka dots. They felt more personal and refreshing!

Beneath the dress I was wearing a textured blouse with dots motif. These dots are fun, too, because they are embossed dots and you just can feel their velvet-y surface! 

I usually paired this dress with a plain-colored cardigan. But this time I tried to style it differently: by wearing it over a blouse. I just randomly grabbed this blouse, and the result: mixing these two patterns of dots on different two materials is so fun! I love the fact that they, accidentally, have similar pattern, and the fun addition is: this is a perfect mix between the softness of a flowy light-weight chiffon material with the "roughness" of a textured, embossed-pattern, material.

Tod's sunglasses (a gift from Harpers Bazaar 
Indonesia x Optik Seis)
dress (thrifted)
inner blouse (thrifted)
trousers (old, similar)
peach checkered socks (old)

*pictures by Lady Elmas, camera setting by me


January 21, 2016

January 21, 2016

Win £500 vouchers to spend at Farfetch by playing this 'Guess the Designer' Quiz

A lovely lady behind Farfetch recently emailed me and introduced me to a new interesting game they've just created. It's a fun challenging game called Guess the Designer. I enjoyed playing it, so I thought I would share it here in case you might like and would love to play it, too.

This interactive quiz shows you a series of products and you have to "guess the designer" as quickly as possible. The 3 top guessers (or so we called fashion experts) will then win vouchers to spend at Farfetch, worth £500, £300 and £200, respectively.

So, test your knowledge on recognizing these designers' pieces.. and hopefully you can do it fast and correct! You can play the game here. Please click the 'How to Play' tab and read it first. To be eligible to win the prize, you have to 'log in with Facebook' to play the quiz, and have 5 chances to play for higher score. You can play it over and over again, but it's your first 5 entries that count. Good luck!


January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Outfit: Pattern Mix

Mixing patterns is not my usual style. I actually am not that brave to stylishly mixing bold patterns or clashing bold colors. But I'm willing to learn how to do it better. For today's outfit post, these patterns feel right with a bit pop of red. I wore this for a walk when doing my errands later this week. At the first time, I only want to match this shirt with the skirt.. Eventhough they are different in patterns (the shirt's pattern is floral, and the skirts' is plaid), but they are being in the same color-palette. Then I put on this shawl accidentally -- as I just wanted to feel the material at first, and it felt so soft and comfortable, so I decided to wear it instead --. I didn't change my clothes because I thought the color-palette of my clothes (shirt and skirt) were already in neutrals (earth-toned colors), so it's 'safe' enough to mix them with this shawl which has bold pattern and colors yet still in a dark shade. So I thought I won't look "too crowded" (no?).

Point One shirt
skirt (thrifted)
shawl (a gift, bought in Bangkok, Thailand)
old socks 
*pictures by Lady Elmas


January 14, 2016

January 14, 2016

Living in Style: 28-Minute Workout by Kayla Itsines

2016, new year, new goals.

Lately I've been into workouts and sports again. After years of having no "proper" workouts... busy doing things as a mom and a homemaker. Although I love doing sports or workouts since I was a kid, but after having children, I've never really done or arranged time to get proper workouts. But we will never get a chance to workout if we never make it as our priority in life, won't we?

So, long story short, start this year, I'm willing to take some time and re-arrange my routine so that I can have time to do a proper workouts (like jogging, home-workouts, join a gym club, join sport club, or etc.). And I also plan to sometimes include posts about 'workout finds' I love here, on the blog. I hope this sort of post will be useful and loveable also for you, Lovelies...

For my first post in this category, I'd love to share an exercise-plan, custom designed by Kayla Itsines for The Zoe Report -- I'm an avid reader of Zoe Report if you're wondering how I find this video -- for enviably toned muscles. I love this exercise-plan as it can be done at home, shows a breakdown of each moves in a set of time and amount, the moves look simple to do and are what I need right now: strengthen the muscles and helping your body back in shape... When Kayla looks so easy doing these moves, on the other hand, I'm having a hard time here!

All I need is keep moving and keep the spirit! A proper exercise would be a great investment for our life... don't you agree?

Photo and video: @kayla_itsines, via The Zoe Report


January 13, 2016

January 13, 2016

Hijab Tutorial by Hijabellove using a Satin Scarf

I'm in love with the finished-look of this tutorial by Hijabellove. In this tutorial, the model is using a square satin scarf from Hijabellove's latest collection, The Coffee Break Series, code: Thai Tea. The tutorial also is quite simple to be done. I've been trying it out using my square cotton scarf, and been satisfied with the finished-look.

I haven't tried it out using a satin scarf that's usually more 'slippery'.. so, I can't tell whether I will wrap it well or not... yet one thing I love from high-quality satin material is its soft glow-y look.

Do you like this look? Go try it using your satin scarf, then tell me how is it?

[Image courtesy of Hijabellove]


January 9, 2016

January 9, 2016

Style Tips: A Simple Guide to Choose Your Signature Hijab's Color

[picture by me]

Are you like me... often get confused on picking which color of hijab should I buy? Do I suit that color? Will that color compliment my look?
Or, do you tend to buy headscarves in all colors that available just so it would match each of your colorful outfits?
Actually, I always think that we don’t need to have headscarves in so many colors (especially if you are in a budget! ). We basically only need to have a few basic colors as our signature (colors that suit you best, will compliment your look, and the most importantly, make you comfortable when wearing it). And these signature colors usually can go well with pretty much any colors of your outfit -- we don’t have to be 'being matchy-matchy’ from head to toe, do we?

I remembered Hana Tajima, one of the well-known Muslimah style icons, back then, about few years ago when she still had a style blog 'Style Covered'; in her outfit pictures, she styled her headscarf mostly in the same styling, using the same scarf/shawl in the same hue.. paired with whatever outfit she was wearing. So, it's kind of her signature style. It became a big trend those days, and everyone seemed getting inspired or mimic-ing exactly her hijab style.

[Images: courtesy of Hana Tajima]
For me, personally, I love chocolaty colors (dark brown, dark mocha, bronze, terracotta, golden brown), burnt orange, deep mustard, olive green, and dark grey. I think dark shades beautifully compliment my look. White and other light colors and sky-blue seem make my skin tone looks darker than it is. Bright red just doesn't get along well with my personality... Still I think I need to find out which color suits me best.

So, how about you? Have you found your 'it' color? 

Here are the tips from our guest writer, Sara of Hijabs For Her, to help you find out “your color”. Beside your personality, style, color preference, and your mood that day, there's a simple guide to pick up your ‘it’ color. 


A simple guide to choose your signature hijab’s color

We have seen Muslim girls wearing hijab. Muslims are wearing a headscarf on the head so that their hairs remain covered, but still they can look beautiful and pretty if worn properly. Here is a simple guide that will help you choosing the right color (or color-palette) as your signature hijab’s color so that it will compliment your whole look: 

Choose the Colors
Hijab usually means dress that worn along with the headscarf. Scarves are used to cover the head and around your face. For your hijab, choose shades that suit your personality. Choosing the shades that fits your personality and style would be the best option. Yet, instead of choosing grey or any other dark shades, try to choose some prismatic hues (Prismatic colors are the colors that can be seen when white light goes through a prism. Examples of the prismatic colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet).  If you are bold, then you must try brighter colors. Grey and dark shades would work better if you have calm and quiet personality in nature. If not, then you can try some spicy colors.

You must choose scarves of the colors that suits best your eyes
Brown eyes: Chocolaty colors with hues of blue, violet and teal would be the best. Spice up your brown eyes with shades like purple or blue that will make you look out of the crowd.
Green Eyes: If you have green eyes then you must try out the shades of red, peach and pink. These will cheer up your looks.
Blue Eyes: Girls with blue eyes can have headscarf with golden, orange, bronze and brown color. These shades will give you rich look.
Choose the color of hijab (headscarves, or dresses) as per your skin tone
Fairer Skin: You must choose shades of red, orange and brown because the ivory undertones can be easily flattered by warm-end color.
Golden Skin: Beige and golden skin-colored girls can choose hues of blue and green which will balance out the natural warmness of their skin tone.
Chocolate Skin: If you have chocolate hued skin then you can choose plum, peach and coral for your hijab’s color. The bold and warm skin tone will get a soft effect.

That’s it. This simple guide hopefully will help you choosing the right color as your signature hijab’s color and make you look pretty, so better try it. We are sure that after trying such combination you will start loving the hijab and you will look prettier than ever.

At the end, it’s all yours to pick up which one suits you best! Happy weekend, Lovelies!


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