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December 30, 2009

December 30, 2009

Long Pashmina Style from StyleCovered

This is the tutorial about "How to wear a Headscarf: Pashmina Style" from Hana Tajima-Simpson, the author of StyleCovered, one of my favorite blogs... ;) This tutorial shows you step by step a quick and easy pashmina wrap.

I've tried it, and this has became one of  my favorite style to go outside... I like the big bun on my head (made from folding or rolling one of the pashmina endpoint into a bun behind your head), that made an impression such as you have a rolled long hair... and this, made my hijab wrap looks good.

You also can check this tutorial on YouTube.

December 24, 2009

December 24, 2009

Summer Style

At the end of the year, in several country, it's Winter. But here, in my lovely country, Indonesia, we have Summer all year long... ;)
I live in tropical country... full of sunshine... and sometimes the rain comes down... It's very hot and humid here. So, for muslimah who wear hijab, we should choose hijab/khimar that is comfortable for us.

We'd like to use the light weight hijab/khimar/pashmina, and it's usually made of cotton. The hijab wrap we choose is the loose wrap style, so there is an air circulation around our head and neck, but still without showing our hair or our neck.

On YouTube Channel, I found a hijab style for Summer presented by a lovely lady, named: Amena K Khan. She live in UK. Amena is one of my favorite tutor for hijab style or hijab wrapping. Check out her tutorial for Summer Style here:

For more hot weather's hijab style, you could subscribe to Fashioning Faith, and we will let you know if there is a new hijab tutorial for Summer Style from Amena. Or, you can subscribe to Amena's Channel on YouTube.

Thanks Amena, for your tutorial and inspirations!

December 20, 2009

December 20, 2009

At the mall... Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hijab Inspirations - Outfits

These outfits are remarkable! Amazing! Very Inspiring!

I found these amazing pictures on Hijab Style blog. These pictures are the first very-inspiring-pictures I found since I wear hijab. Before I found them, I have no idea how to wear hijab, not only for to be modest but also can be fashionable... (sorry for my poor english ;p).

Today is completely a month since I wear hijab. I enjoy being a hijabee... I feel free and comfortable. Free to choose the style for me... free to choose which clothes I want to wear...

And I have chosen...
I choose the modest one... without living my sense to be "fresh", "in style", and fashionable. Thank you, God!

Here is the link to see these wondrous outfits pictures. The pictures are in Hijab Style's facebook album.

I have a favorite quote from one of the articles I found in titled "The Muslim veil":
"Modesty has its own style. Within Islam's mandate for modesty, "the styles are endless."

December 19, 2009

December 19, 2009

At a Birthday Party... Yogyakarta, Indonesia

December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

Hijabi on The Sartorialist

Sebuah blog style yang sangat populer, The Sartorialist, akhirnya menampilkan juga seorang muslimah dengan hijabnya! Foto gadis yang cantik ini dapat dilihat di salah satu posting-nya dengan judul 'On the Street....Chapel St., Melbourne'.

Dengan lebih dari 550 komentar yang telah dicapai hingga saat ini, membuktikan betapa populernya blog dan posting-nya ini, dan dari sini, jelaslah bahwa para Muslimah mampu menjadi sumber inspirasi dengan "sense of style" mereka yang unik, sebagaimana halnya dengan para editor dan model di majalah.

Jana, editor dari Hijab Style, mendorong kita semua untuk melihat foto tersebut dan juga untuk meninggalkan komentar yang positif.

Thanks, Jana, for telling us about this picture! :)

Dibawah ini adalah salah satu komentar dari Anonimus yang Saya kutip. Komentar ini adalah komentar terfavorit Saya mengenai foto yang ditampilkan dalam The Sartorialist ini.

This is my most favorite comment in this post...

Anonymous said:
This morning on my walk to work I witnessed a young guy, probably fourteen or fifteen, utter a terrible slur at a woman wearing hijab. She was visibly horrified and humiliated, and it was upsetting for everyone around her. A few people hurled some slurs of a different kind back at him, which only seemed to fuel the suddenly tense and distressing atmosphere of the morning sidewalk. Seeing this picture on your blog a few hours later brings tears to my eyes. You have celebrated a woman who has chosen this expression of herself in a breathtaking way. Your photo is the opposite of the scene on the sidewalk—full of admiration and joy, instead of hatred and horror.

The Muslim veil: Modesty has its own style

Hijabs du jour and hijab don'ts: Whether the Muslim veil takes the gentle Pakistani drape or the face-hugging Saudi wrap, it is a style statement.
By Carol Huang Staff Writer / December 12, 2009
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For many Muslims the question isn’t “Should I veil?”
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It’s “How should I veil today to match my outfit?”
As the trend of wearing hijab spreads, so, too, havehijab fashions. Women from New Jersey to Jakarta are trying new ways of wearing wraps taught on YouTube or showcased on runways. They’re wearing silk print scarves and scarves from The Gap, sheer scarves with sequins and hot-pink frilly scarves, scarves awash with the Fendi logo.
Whatever the look, hijabistas share one style principle: This is not their mother’s head scarf – conservative, plain, a little too formless.
“It looks kind of like a tent,” JoKima Hamidullah says of her mother’s veil. “Like a burqa,” but shorter.
The New Jersey housewife, who offers hijab du jours and hijab don’ts on her Islamic fashion blog, one of hundreds filling the Internet, gets her ideas from mainstream trends.

Read the rest here.

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