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January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

ANNOURI: Dresses and Abayas Online Store is Coming Soon

Check this out, Ladies! Another free giveaway... :)

Annouri, the online shop for beautiful Abayas and Dresses, is coming soon. In the meantime, they have a Pre-Launch Prize Survey. By completing this survey, you will have the chance to take home some of the pretty pieces at their site, for free! ;)

How it works is simple: pick 5 images that you like most below the title, guess what their prices are, and provide your contact info so that they can contact you to ask where should they send your beautiful dress to!

These are three of my favorites on the site:

Chic Casual 3Fab Festive 1Chic Casual 5

There are a lot of beautiful dresses on the site that you can pick as your favorites.

Take the survey here.


Tziporah said...

gorgeous, however the shop closed?? Any hope of finding an equivalent shop online?

fashioningfaith said...

Dear Tziporah,

I have checked Annouri's site too, and It's not there anymore.. Yeah, I think the shop has been closed, and I don't know why they close their online shop.

An equivalent online shop? There are many great online shops that sell fabulous muslim fashion, such as,,,,,,,,, etc.

You can check my 'shopping links' list if you want to know many more online fashion shops who sell great things especially for Muslimah.. here it is:

Hope my answer would help. Thank you for visiting, Tziporah! :)

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