Young Girl Look ~

January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010

Young Girl Look

Today I'm styling up my models on Looklet again, and right now I'm in the mood of 'childish' :o) So, I create this 'Young Looks' for you, Young Girls out there, or for you, Ladies, who want to look young!

Hope these would give you some inspirations.


 What do you think about these looks? How is your style?


ratna wulandari said...

hm..look fashionable alot ni mba..

bagus2 semua mix n matchnya..

aku sukaaa...^_^

fashioningfaith said...

Thanks Nana, atas kunjungannya ke sini. Seneng jg dgn pujiannya... :) smoga bisa bermanfaat...

Elsa said...

naksir boot nyaaaaaaa

Rania said...

boots yg mana nih, Elsa, yg merah di atas ato yg abu2 di sidebar kanan ini? hehe... Ato dua2nya yaaa?? ^_^

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