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February 19, 2010

February 19, 2010

"Be Reds"

Chinese New Year Party 2010

Actually, me personally do not like the color red as my outfit. I think it's too bright, and I don't like to be the center of attention... :) I almost never wear reds. But this time, there is an event at my children's kindergarten school, an introducing to Chinese culture on this recently Chinese new year. The dresscode is: Chinese style or red outfit.

I really want to wear one of Chinese dress or accessories, I think they are beautiful, but unfortunately I don't have any of them. There are many stores that sell these kind of items, but I think I will choose to just wear red outfit because I already have one. So it will saving my budget... :)

Surprisingly, 'reds' brighten up my outfit beautifully, and I love to look at myself in the pictures wearing 'reds'... ^_^

Me and a friend
Amazed by Barongsai... ^_^
Working on handicrafts...

Working on handicrafts...

"Mommy, look! The Barongsai is coming!"

How about you, do you like wearing red?

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Farahdiena Nf said...

thanks for the comment :)

Rania said...

Thanks for visiting too, Farahdiena... :)

readhermind-dy said...

salam kenal...
mau tau cara bikin blogrollnya ya?
kasih tau alamat emailnya aja..
ntar ak kasih tau..^^

notesdina said...

You look so gorgeous in red, Rania!

Rania said...

@notesdina: Thanks for your compliment :)
Recently I was visiting your blog, but I can't leave any comments on your blog, because the comments has already closed. Why is it?

Rania said...

@readhermind-dy: Hai, Dita! Thanks ya sudah berkunjung kesini & bersedia berbagi info-nya... :) Emailku: fashioningfaith@gmail.com
Thanks again.

notesdina said...

Rania, I did it on purpose. The blog was intended to be a very personal diary of our activities, haha... I'm not a true blogger. :D

sami said...

hello sister..i love your hijab style very much..

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