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May 29, 2010

May 29, 2010

Another Hijab Wrap Tutorial From Hana: Loose Casual Pashmina Wrap

A fresh new look from Hana of StyleCovered.

Finally, Hana do the tutorial about the hijab wrap she usually wear on her blog. I've been wondering for so long about how she wrap her hijab... :) This is the second time she did hijab wrap tutorial (you can watch her first tutorial here). It's super easy to do yet it looks chic and gorgeous. I definitely gonna try this style :)

I think this style also suitable for Summer season. You don't have to double-layered or even triple-layered the scarf around your head. You also can loosen up or adjust the pashmina wrap around your neck, to get more air-circulation without showing your neck.

For you who get bored of pinning your scarf at the bottom of your chin or pinning it behind your head, you can try this style. And this style also reduce the possibility of hijab pins snagging to your scarf.

What do you think about this hijab wrap?

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dsy said...

I absolutely love this hijab style.. I'm a fan of Hana :)
I like loose hijab wrap so her style is pretty much an inspiration for mine

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