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September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010

Pictures of Ramadhan 1431 H / 2010

I know that perhaps it's been already late for pictures of Ramadan. Eid is just around the corner right now, but I think I just want to share a bit of Ramadan atmosphere from my daily life ... ^_^
I'm gonna miss it after Eid.

Here's the pictures of environment near my home... Beautiful! isn't it? :)

Rice fields

Two girls in hijab and school uniform riding their bikes.

In the afternoon, children prepare themself to go to the mosque to learn Iqro' and reading Qur'an. And then they will have iftar and do 'maghrib' shalat together. There are some joy and excitement from them! :)

 Minutes before 'maghrib' (breaking fast):

Traffic jam. It looks as if ALL people go outside their house! :) They were looking for something for 'iftar' (food/treats for breaking fast)
Buyers and sellers... ;) There are many motorcycles here...

Many many "Fruits soup" sellers...

Most of restaurants are full of people, even an hour before 'maghrib adzan' (time to breaking fast)... ^_^
Breaking fast at a Steak Restaurant:

Most of them are students.

People were breaking fast at the edge of the main streets:
I'm sorry, the photoshots are blur... it's because my camera didn't work well... ;)

(Photoshots are taken by me)

Hmm... would you like to visit my hometown and feel the atmosphere of Ramadan here? ^_^

Hope you all are enjoying the blessings of Ramadan!


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dsy said...

nice pictures!!
Ramadhan certainly brings some more color to our daily life.. can't believe it's almost over.. I'll miss it a lot..
Hope we can meet Ramadhan next year.. amiin..

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