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December 27, 2010

December 27, 2010

Asian iCandy Store

Unique Asian art and lots of modest clothing

I stumbled upon an online clothing shop that I love. Featuring Asian-inspired clothing and accessories from independent artists/designers, the line is not only edgy, unique, and beautiful, but also modest.

The first time I saw Asian iCandy site, I became so excited. I love their clothing style and "Wow!... there are lots of unique, beautiful, modest clothes here!". For a 'general' shop (not specifically for Muslim women or other modestly-wearer women), it's really amazing that they provide lots of wearable, in trend, hijab-friendly clothing pieces.

I couldn't help to browse their site over and over again... ;)

Here are some of the pieces:

Long-sleeves mini dresses:
You can pair this pieces with long skirts or pants.

Hood vest:

Long skirts and dresses:


Lady coat

Winter coat:

Maxi coat:


(Photo credit: Asian iCandy Store)

Inspired by Asian arts and designs, especially from Japanese/Korean fashion and also traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, or Thai elements, there are still a lot more gorgeous pieces from the site.

There're also cute bags, shoes, and unique accessories:

Check Asian iCandy store out for yourself here.


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designer said...

so pretty and inspiring!
tfs :)

Hijabs and Co said...

what a lovely collection =)

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