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January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

CHANEL's Silver-Pastel Wedding Gown

Spring Summer 2010 Haute-Couture

Here is a silver-pastel wedding gown from the runway fashion this year, designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The gown is one of his "“NEON BAROQUE” collection.

chanel couture what is it.jpg
CHANEL has released to the press some detils about this Haute Couture gown:  

The fabrics are satin, tweed, lace, chiffon, and tulle, with colors pastel, acid tones, and silver lamé. On the Wedding gown: sequins, pearls and crystals embroidered on the front, sleeves and back of the dress.
Wow, its very elegant and expensive, of course... :o)

- Buttons: mercury color, shiny chrome.
- Finishings: “Hidden” seams.

There are silver threads or silver paint on embroidered satin, and silver stucco effect for the baroque touch.

Sleeves and hems trimmed with tulle. Stockings are oily and have a silver effect.
And the hair, if you watch it carefully, you could see the hair is shaped like a "heart".

- Boots in mercury/bright silver color.
- Materials: leather, lizard, python and eel skin.
- Heels: “sculpted” or “rock-work” heels.

For you that is going to get married and love the colors pastel and silver, this could be one of your inspirations to design your wedding dress, and change the "heart" hairstyle with this stunning Floral Bridal Hijab from the famous Hijab Tutor on youtube channel, Amena.

Check the tutorial here:

image: style.com

January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010

Young Girl Look

Today I'm styling up my models on Looklet again, and right now I'm in the mood of 'childish' :o) So, I create this 'Young Looks' for you, Young Girls out there, or for you, Ladies, who want to look young!

Hope these would give you some inspirations.


 What do you think about these looks? How is your style?

January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

ANNOURI: Dresses and Abayas Online Store is Coming Soon

Check this out, Ladies! Another free giveaway... :)

Annouri, the online shop for beautiful Abayas and Dresses, is coming soon. In the meantime, they have a Pre-Launch Prize Survey. By completing this survey, you will have the chance to take home some of the pretty pieces at their site, for free! ;)

How it works is simple: pick 5 images that you like most below the title, guess what their prices are, and provide your contact info so that they can contact you to ask where should they send your beautiful dress to!

These are three of my favorites on the site:

Chic Casual 3Fab Festive 1Chic Casual 5

There are a lot of beautiful dresses on the site that you can pick as your favorites.

Take the survey here.

Purple Flowery Patterns Batik Dress

What I'm wearing today is a pretty purple batik dress. Batik is an Indonesian traditional and original motif design on a textille material.                                                                                   Or, in another words, Batik is a cloth (usually kain mori) which traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. The Batik patterns is drawn on the textille material using a tool called canting.                                                                We could wear batik as a formal clothes or as our daily outfits. It's suit to almost any events/activities: going shopping, attending wedding party, work/school uniform, worn to family gathering, etc.
I love the fresh purple color and the flowers patterns on this dress. I worn it with a purple hijab, a white pair of pants, and white cardigan. Unfortunately, the picture I took is a little bit blur because my camera didn't work well. There is an error occur on its sensoric ability, so I need to fix my camera.... :)

January 24, 2010

January 24, 2010

New: "Pearl Daisy" Hijabs Online-Shop

A new hijab online-shop has launched. The site's name is Pearl Daisy. Here, you could find anything related to Islamic clothing, such as: beautiful hijabs (scarves and pashmina), underscarves/bonnet, hijab pins, brooches, and other hijab's accessories. The shop also offers a new and special product, a new hijab design called: Hoojabs© (hijab that consisted of a hood and two long pieces of material that could be draped around the hair quickly), that not only making it easy and quick to wear, but also chic and stylish. We could create lots of new hijab styles with this hoojab.

This site also provide some videos that show how to wrap the hijab or the hoojab in a stylish way. You can get some inspirations from these videos.

What I love from this site are they also offer lightweight/thin scarves that would be suitable for our hot climate here, and the 'no snag' hijab pins, one of my favorites, (do not like the standard safety pins) these hijab pins wouldn't get stuck and snag on your scarves.

I can't wait to buy a hoojab or a thin scarf for me, and do experiment with it in many styles... :o)

Here is Pearl Daisy Ltd's promo video, check it out!

Have you visited the shop? What do you think about the products, and what's your favorite?

January 22, 2010

January 22, 2010

Hijab sewn with a pair of long sleeves

A new kind of hijab, a ready-to-wear hijab sewn with a pair of long sleeves. If you wear a dress or a shirt with no sleeves, you could wear this kind of hijab... :o) Or, if you're in a hurry to immediately go outside the house, and you are wearing a no sleeves-cloth, you simply wear this hijab.

It's simple and easy.

The length of this hijab could cover up your bossom, too.

What do you think about it?

My First Experiments on Looklet

Thanks to tealovecoffee and aifa's suitcase for sharing about the Looklet on their blog. A few days ago, I tried to visit the Looklet's site, and there, I enjoyed to become the stylist of my styles... :o) We could 'mix and match' the gorgeous collections on Looklet. I think it's really fun to be an imaginary stylist. We get lots of inspirations as we create our stylish look.

Are you interested in, too? Just join in. You should sign up first before you could play with your imaginary styles... :)

Here are my first creations on Looklet:

Do you already join the looklet? Share your Looklet's creations url on the comment's box below...

January 17, 2010

January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010

The eBook of Hijab Style has launched!

We Love Hijab has launched a fashion ebook, titled The Book of Hijab Style that contains an A-to-Z clothing guide, tutorials that teach you how to do basic and new hijab styles, hijab fashion tips, and more.

This beautiful 40-pages eBook also includes two bonuses: 
a DIY (do-it-yourself) project that will teach you how to create an Endless Hijab (a very chic and super easy circular scarf), and a guide to hijab for your face shape!

To have the full detils about how to get this eBook go to WeLoveHijab.com.

A Unique Square Hijab Wrap: Asymmetrical Scarfing, plus a Makeup Tutorial

In my city, Yogyakarta, square hijab/scarf is the most popular hijab worn by hijabis. And usually they wrap the hijab in the same style, from day to day: they fold a square hijab/scarf diagonally until it becomes a triangle shape, and then they wrap it on the head in the same style like this:

There are a very little variations in how they wrap the square hijab. Or, (this one is also popular) they just wear a ready-to-wear hijab/headscarves with a very limited in variations, too.

Sometimes, or in a special occassion, on the top of the square hijab (after it wrapped on the head) or on the top of ready-to-wear hijab, they put some decorations or accessories, or they do some layering, to make "this same style" prettier.

Pashmina doesn't so popular here. As far as I know, there are just two or three hijab stores that sell pashmina, includes the big stores. Most of them, sell square scarves and ready-to-wear hijab... and also at the local market, most of hijab they sell is ready-to-wear hijab.

I think one of the reasons pashmina doesn't very popular here is because mostly the pashmina have a quite thicker textile-material compare to scarves. It doesn't suit to the hot weather here, and also its basic wrap. Pashmina's basic style usually worn by rolling it up on the head two times, so it would be thick and lots of layer. I think, we should introduce lots of summer-style pashmina here... :) with a thinner pashmina's material, of course.

Rectangle hijab is also rare here. Mostly just the old women wear rectangle hijab with a bonnet underneath.

Below is the video from Amena, a very inspiring lady, that shows us how to wrap a square hijab in asymmetrical style. Before I watch this video from Amena, I think that a square hijab/scarf has a very limited style, compared to rectangle hijab or pashmina. But, after I watch this video, I'm impressed. It's a very unusual wrapping for the people here, but it looks beautiful. Very inspiring! We could experiment with a square hijab to create many of beautiful unusual-style.

If you interested in how to have a unique asymmetrical scarfing with a square hijab, you should watch this video tutorial. Plus, there is a bonus from Amena... Makeup Tutorial! :)

Here is the video:

January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010

Visiting Relative.... Yogyakarta, Indonesia

January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010

Guide to Find Your Hijab-Friendly Jeans

As a hijabi, perhaps the most confusing and frustrating experience is finding the perfect jeans. The perfect jeans means a pair of jeans with looser style, reasonably conceal the shape of legs, but still looks chic and fashionable... :)

GUESS British Punk Bootcut Jeans - Backstage W, BLACK/SMOKE (28)Levi's 529 Women's Curvy Boot Cut Jean, Blue Wave, 10 MediumClassic fit jeans (plus-size 24W WHEAT)
Images: Amazon.com

Here are some tips I read yesterday from Hijab Style. Jana, the writer, shared her tips about how to find or buy a pair of hijab-friendly jeans.

Jeans is one of my favorites, so I found this article very useful for me... :)

You can read her guide here!

Image: style.com: Les Halles distressed skinny jean, $120, available at www.ravinstyle.com

Personal Style: Light Bright Dress

As usual, I picked up my children from school this morning. But this time, my parents came along with me to my children's school, because we've planned to visit one of our relatives after school. We went to my uncle's house.

This morning I wore a grey dress with some brights colours. The dress quite light, so it can "fly" by the wind... :). This was my grandmother's dress. Although this one an "old" dress, but I think it still looks fashionable to be worn nowadays.

I love its bright colour. This time I wore it with a white long sleeves tee, a white jeans, a bright grey hijab and silver chain belt.

We could wear it with many varieties hijab plain colour, such as: a bright yellow, blue, white, or green scarf. Plain color hijab would be match with this kind of "decorative" dress, because of the dress already "colorful".

And I think, it would be best if worn with a bright yellow scarf or a green scarf, but I don't have one of it. I don't shop a lot... :) So, I usually wear this dress with the scarves I already have, a bright or dark grey scarf, or with a white scarf.
Large Satin Scarf-YellowFor the colder weather, we could wear it with cardigan.
Solid Navy Blue Varsity Cardigan Sweater Top Fleece, for Women and Girls, Medium
We also could do "mix and match" this dress with other wide variety color of tee, pants/jeans, or cardigans, as long as the tee/jeans/pants/cardigan's color match to the dress' color.

Hohoho... my uncle has a fish pool at his garden, so my children really exciting to be here. They would be fishing all day!. I should admitted that my outfits didn't match to go fishing... :)

In this pictures, I don't wear the proper shoes too, I think... ;) It would be best if you wear one of these shoes, I found on Hijab Style, with this dress. Jana, the editor of Hijab Style, seem to has a similar kind of the dress. And the shoes she picked up is a right choice! Jana wore it in April 2008. So it seems like an "old fashion" dress, right? :)

Dress from Grandma? Hmmm.... What do you think?

January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010

Hijab Pin & How to stop the Pin from snagging your Scarf

After a long New Year holiday, today is the first day my children going back to school. It's my duty to take them to school. I wear a brown headscarf, and, because I ride a motorcycle, I stick my hijab to my top cloth using hijab pin, so my headscarf wouldn't open up because of blown by the wind.

I love the pin. I bought several pins at one of the hijab stores here, on budget price 0.5 - 1 USD per pin. This is my red rose pin.

We also can use safety pin in order to stick our hijab to its place. But sometimes, safety pins make a hole on your scarf/pashmina, because of the pin's head come through your scarf/pashmina's layer, or because the scarf/pashmina riding up the pin's loop.

To solve this problem, use such pin like I use in the picture, or use your safety pins as usual but follow this tips from Amena on youtube channel, to avoid damaging your scarf.

January 6, 2010

Cultural Celebration.... Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Date picture taken: 13 January 2005

January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010

Bridal Hijab: Indian Style

Do you need some ideas for how bridal hijaab can be worn?

Here is one of the styles that allow the bride to wear some jewelries should she want to.

I found this Hijabi Bride Inspiration from Sabrina's Blog.
Sabrina live in L.A., USA. You could read her wedding story on her blog, and see how beautiful the bridal hijab can be.   

Read the story here.

In her blog, you could also find her hijab tutorial and you could ask her about anything related to style and hijab-fashion.
Thanks, Sabrina, for being so inspiring!

January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010

January Sale on Elenany!

Another great offer from Elenany, the brand of urban streetwear clothing.

The January Sale is now on with up to 35% off The Classic Collection PLUS free shipping on all items. There’s only a few pieces left in this Limited Edition collection, so if you like her design, you’d better hurry up and buy something or be heart broken forever!

Elenany: Modesty Blazes a Fashion Trail

Meet Sarah Elenany, one of my favourite muslimah fashion designers. She is a young up-and-coming British designer who aims to cater to Muslim youth. Her designs are modest, but with an urban twist. I love her design because it's fresh, edgy and cool.

She has created a range of contemporary clothing that sticks to Islamic rules. She could mix the islamic dress code with smart, urban streetwear, and use graphics to capture the spirit of being a young Muslim.

We could wear the clothes she design in our daily life. Her designs is not just suitable for the runway on fashion show, or for wedding party, but also for our daily life.

As you know, as a mother, I have to be active to keep up with my children, and I'm also a sporty woman, so I think the design from Sarah Elenany is suitable for daily outfits for a young mother like me; a young streetwear style.

But, it doesn't mean that I don't like abaya. I like to look feminine as well and wearing abaya for special occassion, such as go to mosque, to family gathering, or to a wedding party.

Once again, I love Sarah Elenany. Although what she design is an islamic fashion, but she can make it a normal fashion. Her fashion can reach a broader view, can be available to more people, because she doesn't use traditional Islamic art as the only reference.

She has just launched her Friday Collection. You could watch her new collection in this video:

The Friday Collection by Sarah Elenany

The Friday Collection from daniel dean on Vimeo.

January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010

Bellissima Scarves New Year Offer

Belissima Scarves has new photos for each of their scarves. Check out this new fotos on their website: bellissima-scarves.co.uk, and loads of pictures to capture the details of every scarf.

For all of you online shoppers! Here's another great offer,
Bellissima Scarves has a New Year Offer. Use the coupon code N0110 at the checkout and get 20% off at the checkout. Offer valid until 15th January 2010. Tell your friends too... ;)

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