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April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010

Alia Magazine and TrenModis Magazine Covers, May 2010 Edition

Love the hijab's wrap and color mix on the cover of Alia Magazine, May 2010 edition.

The stunning look from TrenModis magazine... Model on the cover wore a bright-gradation-color tye-dyed clothing. Love this... ^_^

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April 25, 2010

April 25, 2010

SistersWhoBlog and BlogLovin'

There are two sites that I joined recently that I think so supporting and enjoyable. SistersWhoBlog and BlogLovin'.

SistersWhoBlog Network

SistersWhoBlog is a cool new social network for Muslim Sisters, where they can promote their blogs or businesses. Hope there we can inspiring and supporting each other. Click HERE to join the network!

The BlogLovin'

If you aren't familiar with Bloglovin' this video is a short explanation.

Bloglovin ' is a service for you who like to read blogs. It gathers all new posts from your favorite blogs in one place. It keeps track the update of your favorite blogs. I personally prefer it over any other readers because of how stylish the layout is. You can also follow me there as well... ^_^

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Love This Style: Hijab Friendly Look From The Streethearts


MYSTERY GIRL; Posted March 29th, 2009
Photographed by ANDREAS SCHJØNHAUG in 

Lots of layers by Mystery Girl, and a pair of unique shoes.


SARA; Posted April 24th, 2009
Photographed by ANDREAS SCHJØNHAUG in 

    Casual daily wear from Sara. For a hijab-ready look, add a bit the length of the jacket's sleeves and pop-up the scarf around your head!


    DOROTHEA; Posted August 13th, 2009
    Photographed by EIRIK SLYNGSTAD in 

    • Outfit:
    • Dress: Own design
    • Jacket: Vintage
    • Bag: Bought at a flee market in Paris
    • Shoes: Topshop
    • Eyewear: YSL
    • Earrings: bought in Mexico

    Very hijab-friendly look, but the skirt need to be thicker a bit.


    ANNA; Posted October 11th, 2009
    Photographed by ANDREAS SCHJØNHAUG in 

    • Outfit:
    • Shoes: Kron
    • Everything else: Andersen & Lauth

    Very unique shoes and headwear. Is that a common headwear to wear in some four-season country? I've never seen it before. For a neat hijab-ready look, wear an underscarf beneath the headwear to hide your hair.


    HEGE; Posted December 6th, 2009
    Photographed by EIRIK SLYNGSTAD in 

    Black and white elegant look. Love it!


    MARIE; Posted January 26th, 2010
    Photographed by EIRIK SLYNGSTAD in 

    Casual look with layers from Marie. Notice the belt... she made a tie from it... ^_^ Teal blouse match with gold necklace surprisingly bright up the colors... Like the color mix!


    CHLOE; Posted February 12th, 2010
    Photographed by EIRIK SLYNGSTAD in 

    Woman in black... chic and elegant... but perhaps it would be perfect if the pencil skirt is a bit longer... ^_^


    JULIANNE; Posted February 27th, 2010
    Photographed by EIRIK SLYNGSTAD in 

    Really love Julianne's look... simple but looks sophisticated in black and white.


    FRIDA; Posted March 7th, 2010
    Photographed by EIRIK SLYNGSTAD in 

    Another layering from Frida, by contrasting colors and fabrics.


    DAN; Posted March 28th, 2010
    Photographed by EIRIK SLYNGSTAD in 

    Love this style, looks feminine and Dan is so cute... ^_^ Like the big black bow as an accent. And the shoes... hmmm... too high for me. For hijab-friendly look, the skirt need to be longer to cover up all of your feet.


    KATE; Posted April 19th, 2010
    Photographed by EIRIK SLYNGSTAD in 

    Really love Kate's look... Flawlessly chic and covered up! The pants is in a perfect cut, not too tight and not too wide... Just put on the headscarf and you're a hijab-ready.

    (Photo credits: The Streethearts)

    April 23, 2010

    April 23, 2010

    Fashion-Gadget Accessory: Wear This Phone On Your Wrist

    Do you: like wearing bracelets and can't be separated with your phone?

    Do you: like fashion accessory and you often forget where you leave your mobile phone?

    Perhaps this circular design Dial Phone suit you... ^_^

    A Dial Phone, designed by Jung Dae Hoon, truly serves double duty - a fashion accessory and mobile phone too. It can be crafted using a metal of the owner's choice, and also has a variety of interchangeable skins from elegant to sporty. You can change the skins in a blink of an eye...

    (Picture credits: Tuvie)

    When you want to make a call, simply place it on a flat surface (or, on the palm of your hand), then select the number by  touching the upper-dial sensor with your fingertips... a built-in LCD screen will keep you on track.

    What do you think about this Dial Phone? Isn't it trendy and chic?

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    April 18, 2010

    April 18, 2010

    Hijab For Sport: Queendom Hijabs of Canada

    What kind of hijab are you looking for sport?

    Queendom Hijabs, hijab designer based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, are offering you their collection of sport hijabs. The fabrics are made of Bamboo materials, organic cotton, and a bit percentage of spandex for the elasticity.

    They claim that these hijab are very comfort  because of its moisture absorbent materials, and its inner hair reinforcement to keep hair off of neck, especially after working out and neck is sweaty (inside hijab). It's easy to wear too, just a slip on hijab, one-piece and pin-free.

    The benefits using Bamboo materials for sporting clothes can be read here on their site.

    Bahiya Collections, one of the online Hijab Store, are carrying their Athletica basic black hijab. If you'd like to see the hijab in action, watch here.

    This is my favorite sport hijab on their website:

    It is their 'patriotic version' with country-flag embedded on it.

    I love the cut... fit and sophisticated, and the stiff-shape on the forehead. In my opinion, based on aesthetics point of view, the crossing straps at the back of the head looks a bit 'strange'... although it is meant to prevent the hijab from raising up while running; but I think, the hijabs without 'the cross' look more chic and practical.

    (Images are provided by Queendom Hijabs for Fashioning Faith, 
    Photo courtesy of Queendom Hijabs)

    Queendom Hijabs provides not only hijabs for sports, but also for everyday wear, for casual style, and for Winter season. Check their website: Queendom-Hijabs.com to see the entire collection and the details about their products.

    What do you think about these hijabs?

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    April 17, 2010

    April 17, 2010

    Take a Splash This Season!

    April Showers

    Soooo colorful! 

    This month's Fashion issue on EMEL Magazine are featuring Fatema Zehra's pick of wellington boots and umbrellas for London student, Sarah Jawad.

    Just love the pictures...! What caught my eyes is not only the colorful and unique design-umbrellas, but also the models' outfits. A nice-cut tailored jacket mixed with flowery-prints minidress, a pair of jeans and bold-color boots.

    I think these cute umbrellas and boots will cheer up your 'cloudy days'... ^_^ Have fun and make a splash... splash... splash! 

    My favorite umbrella is the transparent looks-like-cage one with a bird inside... looks funny ;)

    Portraits Steven Lawson
    Styling Fatema Zehra
    (Images via Emel Magazine)

    Would you wear boots on rainy days?


    April 15, 2010

    April 15, 2010

    Hijab Style: Inspired by Michelle Obama

    These two 'set' were found at Polyvore, created by Nora Shishani. The first picture was created about 7 months ago, and the second picture was created about one years ago. But, this is the first time I look at these set, and I think these bold-color outfits are perfect for Spring... ^_^

    This is a picture of Mrs. O on the cover of Good Housekeeping's May 125th anniversary issue:

    PRNewsFoto/Good Housekeeping

    And this set is my creation inspired by her look on the magazine... ^_^

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    Hijab Style Inspiration: Spring Maxi Dresses Wore by Celebrities


    Daisy Lowe throw a leather biker jacket over pretty prints dress from Alexander McQueen to the premiere of Boogie Woogie (14/04/2010).

    Daisy Lowe in Boho dress with chunky work boots and a leopard prints Mulberry bag (02/03/2010).


    Gillian Anderson, wore a maxi dress with abstract prints to the premiere of her new movie Boogie Woogie (14/04/2010).

    Gillian Anderson at The Laurence Olivier Awards wore a bright red dress with gold accessories (22/03/2010).


    Don't be afraid to wear a jacket on the red carpet. Lauren Laverne wore a shimmery black coat by Matthew Williamson paired with a jewel-toned navy-blue Stella McCartney gown to the BAFTAs 2010.


    Yasmin Le Bon wore a vivid pink patterned dress with a chunky fur coat to the BAFTAs 2010.


    Keira Knightley wore an Erdem Dress with futuristic prints in The Laurence Olivier Awards (22/03/2010).


    Miley Cyrus in boho-glam look. She wore a tiered ruffle dress from Sheri Bodell with vintage-look necklace to the Kids' Choice Awards last Spring (30/03/2009).

    (Images via Glamour Magazine)

    What do you think about these maxi dresses?

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