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March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011

New Hijab for Sports

At last... find it!

On the hunt for a suitably hijab that is practical and comfortable to be wore on working out or playing sports?

I have written about many kind of sports hijab before on my previous post here. But the one that make me impressed is Resport. Unfortunately, at that time I can't found either the site, where I can't found more information about this sport hijab, nor the contact channel to the designer/company of Resport.

I knew Resport for the first time from The Huffington Post and The Toronto Star. It's a headscarf and camisole in one with an opening at the back of the head, allowing easy access to readjust the hair. Resport is wore under the usual sports wear. 

I think it's a solution for Muslim women athletes and 'very active' Muslimahs who want to feel comfortable in playing sports and doing their 'highly active' activities. This brilliant 'fashion invention' will allow more Muslim women to compete in sports. 

As I wrote on my previous post, for me, Resport has the biggest probability to be picked up as the perfect sports hijab. It's sleek, body-fitted, and has no parts flowing around, so it wouldn't disturb or block our activities. I myself, right now still go with fitted Al Amira-type hijab for working out or playing sport, but sometimes I feel less comfortable with that type of hijab while I'm working out.

Surprisingly, recently one of my lovely readers, told me the site where I can find and buy Resport (she also told me that now Resport has changed its name into ResportOn). The site is

Hope this information will be helpful for you too who need it... :)

The designer, Elham Seyed Javad, herself also wrote a comment on my blog saying thanks for mentioning and loving the ResportOn; and also asked for my feedbacks on their very first version of ResportOn and suggestions for future ResportOn's variant (It's really an honour for me... ^_^).

Here's the picture of the first version of ResportOn:


The description about ResportOn on its site:

Details : Each element is designed to live up to your PERFORMANCE. The hood’s unique design keeps all the hair away from the face. The hi-tech material, featuring micro-pores, dries extremely quickly, up to 14 times faster than cotton. Treated before fabrication, the fibers preserve their propertie...
Weight: 0.23 kg 
Color: White
Size: Kids (4,5,6,7), Junior (S,M,L), and Ladies (XS,S,M,L)

I think the first version of ResportOn is already perfect.
  • The color, white, is neutral and less heat-absorbent. 
  • The size also came in a wide range of sizes. 
  • The material, according to the site, is in high quality. 
  • And, its unique design with an opening at the back of the head, allowing easy access to readjust the hair and avoiding bother the face and neck with zipper, button, seam, or things like that.
My suggestion is only adding more colors like black or pink... :) and the variant, not only in sleeves-less but also in short sleeves and long sleeves, with a short torso or long torso. So we have more option to choose.


To avoid miss-understood about the sleeves-less type of ResportOn (as I read in the comment section of ResportOn's article in The Huffington Post; some people said, "head covered but the arms are bare"), let me explain a bit.

Resport is wore under the usual sports wear. For Muslim women who wear hijab, if your usual sportswear already has long sleeves, you can choose to wear ResportOn in sleeves-less type, and if your usual sportswear is sleeves-less, opt the long sleeves type of ResportOn.

Sports Hijab - Wearing ResportOn from ResportOn on Vimeo.

And one more addition, perhaps the designer can even invent a ResportOn for the whole body (except hands and face), with two variants:  

1.) to be worn under the usual sportswear (it must be sleek, comfort, and skin-tight but breathable), and

2.) as a sportswear itself.

As the sportswear itself, it must suit for sports activities (intended particularly for sports like biking, athletics, or gymnastics) but somehow, without showing our body-curves as a woman. Perhaps by adding more layers in some spots to hide the curves, or by using textured materials.

Active by SHUKR

Another new 'sporty' hijab is an upcoming line from SHUKR called Active. Compared with ResportOn, SHUKR's Active are 'looser' and have not only headwear but also sporty tops and pants.

This is good for you who opt to not wear a skin-tight headwear. 

Here's a sneak peak of Active attire, taken from SHUKR Head Designer's sketchbook for Spring-Summer 2011 collection:

You can see SHUKR's upcoming collection here, still in sketches... ;)
Or, SHUKR's online store here.

What's your opinion about these sports hijabs? What kind of hijab did you wear while you're working out or playing sport?

Do you have any thoughts or suggestion on how the perfect sport hijab is? Please share with us... :)

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Halima said...

Well, it's a start- there's little available out there for muslimas who are active. The problem with alot of these designs, though, is the lack of chest coverage. It's not enough to just cover the hair and have no skin showing.
My solution to the problem- work out in private indoors or avoid mixed-sex public environments like gyms.

Fatima said...

As salaamu alaikum
I agree with Halima.
Proper headscarf is meant to cover the chest too.
And clothing should be long and loose. Most sports hijab and islamic sportswear do not meet this requirent of Islamic dress.

The problem is many women think loose clothing and chest-covering hijab would hamper performance, especially if they are seriuos athletes. I recently posted a blog post about this here:

It really is just mind over matter, to do sports in a hijabified way, rather than fall short of the Islamic dress code.


Hikenova said...

Would it be appropriate to work out at a women's only gym, like curves?  I'm not really sure if that would work, but may be an option to consider.

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