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March 25, 2011

March 25, 2011

Tutorial: Hijab and Hats

As a continuation of my previous post about 'Hijab and Hat: Race Day Looks', I want to share what I stumbled upon on youtube channel...

It's the tutorial on "How to style hijab/headscarf to wear with hats and caps" by a lovely girl, alz786uk. Interesting, right?!

Let's see:

(Courtesy of youtube.com)

Notice that you should use a quite thin hijab/pashmina to do this style, because you will put a hat/cap over it and you surely do not want it to be bulky.

I think this style also suitable for daily hijab style (without the hats)... I've already tried it myself, and it suits me well.. ;)

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IFA Athirah said...

that's cool!i've never thought that wearing the shawl as usual and put the hat on it, will look nice :)

aalia2k said...

thanks for posting this!!! It's good to hear that the tutorial has helped others, thanks you- aalia  (alz786uk)

fashioningfaith said...

Thank you to you, too, Aalia, for making all of the helpful tutorials :-)

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