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April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011

My Latest Buy: Claro Headdress

The first time I heard about Claro Headdress was from Dessy's blog, Living Daisy.

Claro Headdress is a kind of inner/under scarf or bonnet, which covers the hair, ears, neck, and upper bosom.

Only during the past few weeks, I knew that some people call this kind of headdresses, 'Inner Ninja'. It must be because of their looks that look like ninja's mask.. :)

After I read about it in Living Daisy, I got interested in but I didn't straightly try to find it because of my busy work (as a Mom... ^_^) at that time.

Then about few weeks ago, some photos of stylish Muslimahs remind me about it.

According to Dessy, I tried to find it through Facebook search. And I found Claroshop Claro. I continued to look at their albums. They have gorgeous range of products, such as the headdress, for sure, which came with its veil in many colours, 'Chenille': a dress with a hood plus free headdress, and the jewelled headbands.

Why do I really want to buy this kind of headdress:

I love to wrap my hijab in many styles and try new hijab styles..
Sometimes the style I tried could not covered all 'that must be covered (hair, ears, neck, and upper bosom)'.

Or, it needs lots of pins, just to make sure that the hijab/headscarf has covered all 'that must be covered'.

In other cases, the top I'm wearing has a very low neckline, so if I'm wearing it, I will have to stick to a hijab-wrap that can cover that 'open skin', or I have to wear a 'manset'/turtle neck t-shirt or a neck-extension underneath to stay covered.

So I thought this kind of headdress or inner ninja will be very useful as an 'inner scarf'. It covers your hair, ears, neck, and upper bosom very neatly.

By wearing it inside your hijab/headscarf will let you easily doing almost all hijab wrapping without worried that you will left some spots uncovered. Even you can wear your headscarf in Turban styles..

I bought this headdress online from Claroshop. Love it! It meets my expectation. The material was made from cotton (some people like to call this kind of material 'bahan kaos', in Bahasa Indonesia). It's breathable, light-weight, and cool.. so it's really comfort to wear.

It has a strap at the back of neck, and a hole at the back of head, so you can adjust your hair easily (or perhaps it was made for some air circulation for your head??... ^_^).

Look from the back

I bought it in colour Black, because I think I can match it with almost all my wardrobe pieces. Really in love with it!

Now, Claro headdress in other colors are going to my wishlist... :)
I also suggested Claroshop to design headdress without hole at the back, so it can be 'outer' hijab, too.. :)

Other trusted online shops on Facebook which I found have this kind of headdress or inner ninja are Nably Covered and Such!by Suchi Utami. They all are based in Indonesia.

(Photos: Courtesy of Rania, Fashioning Faith)

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Anonymous said...

Hey - I am certainly delighted to discover this. cool job!

F i K a said...

thank you for mention my online shop Nably Covered :)

Anonymous said...

wow! thank you for the review! now I really want to buy the headdress too --- really need to save next month :D

Gail said...

Assalaam waliekum, that has some potential right there. I like it. Masha'allah.

Faithful said...

but how do you buy it online??? :)

Anonymous said...

asallam alaikom sister how do we order this one?

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