Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 3 - Work Out Wear ~ Her FASHION

May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011

Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 3 - Work Out Wear

June 1, 2011

Day 3 - Work Out Wear

  • Work out pants
  • A sweat jacket
  • A blue-pink polkadots mini-scarf
  • Sports shoes
  • Capsters 'Runner' sports hijab:

Time to work out.. It's my favorite! :)

Tips for today: Try to look stylish while doing sports! :) 
And it would be better if you wear a hijab which specialized for sports, because the shape and materials were designed to fit sport activities. It will cover your head comfortably letting you transpire easily and keeping your head cool. So, you can stay active longer.. :)

InshaAllah soon I will post my review on Capsters 'Runner' sports hijab I wore in this picture.

Right now, let's run.. join the fun... playing sports!!
Happy work out, Lovelies! :)

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fashioningfaith said...

Thank you, yazmiin. Yes, I really love this scarf, sometimes I wear it as an inner scarf :)
I will check out your work out wear, too..

yazmiin-- said...

cute polka dot scarf!!

Check out my Work Out Wear look here >> [yazmiinaktar.blogspot.com] xx

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