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June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Ways to style up your sleeveless dress fashionably and modestly

Hijab Styling Tips

For Muslim women who wear hijab, there are many ways to style up a sleeveless dress.

Sleeveless dress can be styled up with almost any outerwear, such as: jacket (denim, leather, cotton, fur, etc), blazer, coat (trench coat, ankle-graze, etc), cardigan (cropped cardigan, long cardigan, etc), jumper, cape, sweater, sweater dress, shirt, suit tops, long-sleeved shrug, etc.

You just have to know which outerwear will be best paired with a particular sleeveless dress. If the dress is tight at the top or has an elastic crinkle at the chest area, wear an outerwear that can cover the area, or even a short jumper.

If the dress is a bit tight at the bottom, wear a knee-length or an ankle-graze coat, a trench coat, or a drape-y long cardigan to cover.

Trench Coats (Image credit: Lovely Today)
Long Cardigan (Outfit styling: Chel of Carousel)

If the dress is loose, simply pair it with any outerwear you love.

A Knit Shrug (Image credit: PatternFish)

Here are some examples on how to style up the sleeveless dress:
With a denim jacket.
How to style up the sleevesless dress for hijabi

With a leather jacket.
(photo credit: Evans Fashion Fix)

With a buttoned-up shirt over the dress, and then accessorized it with a narrow belt:
(Outfit styling: Ashfi Qamara, via My Amethyst)

Or, style it up with a short jumper or a cropped t-shirt:

And, you can also style up a sleeveless dress with a tunic or a blouse over it.. or even layer it with a long-sleeved tee underneath.

NOTE, about layer it up with a tight long-sleeved tee underneath; I'm not a fan of layering these kind of sleeveless dresses (picture below) over a tight long-sleeved tee underneath. Even, it's a fashion no-no for hijabi:
halter-topped, strapped, and tube dresses

It looks like you push yourself wearing something that "you can't wear". That looks weird, and.. you will look pathetic by wearing it.. ^_^


Try to avoid this.

BUT, there's STILL a way you can wear this kind of 'mix-and-match'..

To wear these 'halter tops-strapped-strapless/tube' kind of maxi dresses over a tight long-sleeved tee, is a bit tricky. You MUST complete the outfit by wearing a WIDE and LONG scarf with a particular hijab-wrapping that will ensure you cover the clingy neck and bosom area with it.

NOT like this:

It's not too pleasant to be seen.. right? You better throw up a jacket on this kind of outfit.. ^_^

Or, add a baggy cropped-tee's or a blouse over the outfit,
baggy cropped tee's, blouses, and vests
so the outfit will look like this:

In my opinion, a SHORT-SLEEVED, or a wide-shouldered, or a capped-sleeved dress will look a whole much better if you want to pair it with a long-sleeved tee underneath.
wide-shouldered maxidress


What do you think? How do you style up your sleeveless dress?



Laila said...

Thanks for the tips! I agree with you I don't like to layer it up with a tight long-sleeved tee underneath !

Saima Islam said...

I love you. :D Thank you!

fashioningfaith said...

You're welcome, Dear! :)

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