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August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011

The Orange burst

At school..

(Photo: courtesy of Rania © FashioningFaith Blog)

At my children's school, I adore one mother for her fashion taste. I love her stylish look and her choice to sometimes playing fashionably with colours.

One day, she wore an outfit in lots of colours, from peach, red, green, yellow, and black (either on the outfit itself, the headscarf, inner-scarf, and its accessories), but somehow she could manage the colours into a perfect combination of a 'pleasant to see' look.

The other day, she wore a plain outfit, but with a hint of colours from her accessories (big ring, bag, watch, or headscarf). Unfortunately, I usually could not capture these looks, because I  forgot to bring my camera when I take my children to school.

About few days ago, I saw her again. This time, she wore a bright outfit beautifully. She wore a pretty colour orange-d dress, matched with a unique cut (loose cut at the upper arms and longer cut at the back) of  white cardigan. She carried a fringed black handbag (it looked like a hand-made local-product handbag), paired with black-grey shoes. Her choice to wore a neutral colours (in this case: black) for her bag and shoes was perfect to balance and tone down the bright outfit.

As usual, I did not bring my camera with me, so I snap her look by my cell-phone. The result... not a good 'sartorialist' photograph.. ;p It was blur and did not show the details of the outfit.

Next time I have to make sure I bring my camera with me, and... ask her to pose specially for me.. ;)

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Nuriesyadzwinny said...

iya mbak,, fotonya blur.. d tunggu postingan dan foto slanjutnya yaa ttg dia.

iegha ZULHAM said...

Fashionable hot mom? I love that... wanna be one of them ;)

Fatima Z. said...

Assalamualeykum! Adorable blog dear!
u might like to follow me? :-)

fashioningfaith said...

Ya, she is so fashionably hot, especially in "colored-style", yet she is so modest (she wore maxi dresses and wide-legged pants a lot)..

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