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October 1, 2011

October 1, 2011

Hijab Tutorials by HijUp and Dila&Zata Shop

For a week round, I was searching for online Islamic clothing stores, especially those which based in Indonesia. I found some that impressed me (whether it's because the style they're bringing up or the affordable prices they are offering). Many of them based their stores on Facebook.

Few stores also share their tutorials in hijab styling. I've picked two of the stores that I thought their tutorials are interesting, easy to follow, and suit for 'everyday style': 

1. Hijup.com
It is a new online Islamic clothing shop based in Indonesia. What is interesting about this shop, besides the cool hijab tutorials on their site, is they collected boutiques/collection from some Indonesian Muslimah Fashion designers, such as Shabby Chic by Ria Miranda, Anemone by Hannie Hananto, Casa Elana by Fifi, Hanna, and Anneke, Mainland Heritage, Delisha Hijab, etc., then united them into one website; So, we can visit all the boutiques in one site and buy them online.

If you are interested in Indonesian Hijab Fashion, you can check out the site here.

And here are the hijab tutorials by HijUp.com:

a la Hana Tajima:

2. Dila&Zata Shop.
It's an online hijab fashion store founded by two best friends, Dila and Zata. I met and be friended with them in Hijabers Community Yogyakarta (we are just know for a while and not very close, or even they might be not remember me anymore.. hehe, because I do not attend HCY's events very often). But, I can tell that they are kind, friendly... and very stylish! I adore their style and like the hijab tutorials they taught, either it's offline, like at HCY-Dixie's mini fashion show last Ramadhan, or via their blog or Facebook page.

Here are some hijab tutorials by Dila&Zata Shop which they share online:
The styles are simple yet chic.

Turban style:


Simple chic style using a square paris hijab:

Pashmina style:
(Courtesy of Dila&Zata Shop)

Dila&Zata Shop sells chic hijab fashion. I love their collection: it's young, chic, with  fresh colors. One item I would like to buy but already 'sold out' is their inner hood. It can be wore as an inner scarf or wore the way it is.

D&Z inner hood
D&Z inner hood
They said they will have another production on this inner hood.  

Hi, Dila&Zata, let me know if you already had them in black and pink! Thank you.. :)

From all the tutorials, which one is your favorite?

More on hijab tutorials? Pick them here.

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