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November 20, 2011

November 20, 2011

Brown Peep Toe High Heel Ankle Boots Shoes

In my wishlist.. ;)

Just found this pair of shoes on ebay and directly fell in love with them (although actually I am looking for the lace-up and "not peep-toe" boots). Unfortunately, the seller doesn't ship these items to my country...

As for the "ankle parts of the shoes", we can pull them up or fold them down to style up with our outfits.

They also have the grey ones. But I prefer the brown.
(Photo credit:

What did you think of these shoes?
Do you love them too, just like me; or, would love to leave them?  ^_^

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dewi indriyani said...

i have that one to, but in gray colour. i Think much pretty in chocolate colour..xoxox

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