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December 14, 2011

December 14, 2011

Hijab Tutorials by Husna of DressedinBeauty

Muslimah style: Husna from Indonesia

(Note: Dear Readers, I want to let you know that I has accidentally deleted this post; So, now I re-published it. Hope you do not mind, and I really apologize if this bother you. Thank you for your kind understanding. - Rania -. )

Today's Readers' Style is from Husna. She is still in her first year in college and live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Even though she is young, she's already had her own new clothing line, named: "H by Husna": simple, classy, and elegant, which has just launched recently.

Here are some of Husna's stylish photoshoots on her blog: Dressed in Beauty.

Go check Husna's blog to see more of her stylish looks and outfits, and also some style inspiration from her.

In today's post, Husna would love to share her tutorials on hijab styling to all FashioningFaith Blog's Readers.

Hope you enjoy the tutorials, Lovelies..

(Photos and videos: Courtesy of Husna, DressedinBeauty)

If you like Husna's tutorials, you can submit to her youtube channel here:

Thank you for sharing, Husna.. :)

What did you think of Husna's style?
Do you want to share your style too, just like Husna did? Click here to find out how and.. let's be an inspiration for other Muslimahs!

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Wed said...

thanks for share..^^

fashioningfaith said...

You're welcome, Wed :)

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