Visit Indonesia's Pavillion at The International Fair of the Muslim World 2011, Paris. ~

December 10, 2011

December 10, 2011

Visit Indonesia's Pavillion at The International Fair of the Muslim World 2011, Paris.

Indonesia Muslim Fashion Show in Paris, France.

(Image credit: Hannie Hananto)

Muslim Fashion Show by Top 13 Indonesian Fashion Designers.

On 17 to 19 December, 2011.

Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Center, Paris, France.

13 Indonesian Muslim Fashion Designers: Amy Atmanto, Anne Rufaidah, Boyonz Ilyas, Dian Pelangi, Hannie Hananto, Irna Mutiara, Jenny Tjahyawati, Malik Moestaram, Merry Pramono, Monika Jufry, Najua Yanti, Nieta Hidayani, and Nuniek Mawardi.

These thirteenth designers will showcase Islamic outfits but still carry the culture of Indonesia.

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Norhajjar said...

How I wish to meet some of those hijab fashion designers. I am from Philippines, and a new in hijab.
But loving it. The Hijabers Index

Sishi Semet said...

awesome news!! ga sabar pgn liat liputannyaaa.. :D

fashioningfaith said...

Hi, Sishi!

Thank you for keep coming back to my blog and giving your feedback. It means a lot for me.. :)

Have you read my newest post? There is a great news for Indonesia in this event and I also gave a link to the full story about it. So, go check it out!
Here it is:
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