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May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Hijabi Fashion Week's Giveaway - Day 2

Day 2: Baraka Women Giveaways

Baraka Women, a clothing line that based in Australia, has been known for its high quality.. This brand even was featured in VOGUE AUSTRALIA on November 2010. You can read about it on my previous post, 'Beyond Fashion'.

So, I'm kind of waiting for Baraka Women's giveaways.. ;) Yesterday, I just can't wait to know what they will come up with for the giveaway... And, here we go... fabulous pieces from Baraka Women: an edgy tee and an essential maxidress for your wardrobe staple.

The first giveaway:

The second giveaway:

These giveaways are from Baraka Women's upcoming collection La Milatrie' Glam.. They even are not available yet for purchase online.

Excited? Hurry up.. submit your entries!

Click here on how to enter. 

All Hijabi Fashion Week's Giveaways are open internationally..

Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 2 - Formal Attire

May 31, 2011

Day 2 - Formal Attire

Outfit 1:
  • Short-slevees, vintage batik maxidress
  • Long-sleeves, black t-shirt underneath
  • White coral belt
  • A brown long earring, just for my left ear :)
  • A green chiffon square-scarf

Outfit 2:
  • Short-sleeves, vintage batik top and skirt
  • Long-sleeves, black t-shirt underneath
  • A scarf in gradation colours: creme to dark brown with gold threads stripes, as an inner-scarf
  • A light-green, satin square-scarf.
  • An ethnic, long necklace made of Kalimantan's natural stones, wore as bracelet
  • Small party bag
  • Flower brooch

Got these vintage batik dress and two pieces of top and skirt from my grandmother.. :)

For me, these clothes are so beautiful and I'm really in love with the motifs: wayang/Indonesian shadow-puppet (outfit 1), birds and flowers (outfit 2). The fabrics are also very comfortable to wear!

These garments are definitely made from high-quality materials and skills (batik technique and art).. After years, they are still in a very good condition.

Tips for today: Re-wear your mom or grandmother's vintage clothes, and try to mix and match them with your 'modern' contemporary clothes. You never know whether it works or whether the combo (vintage-contemporary) will look good on you, unless.. you try.. :)

Don't forget for tomorrow, Day 3 - Work Out Wear!

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Hijabi Fashion Week's Giveaway - Day 1

Welcome to Hijabi Fashion Week May 2011!

Do you know there are lots of giveaways during this event?

Keep an eye out from now on to the next six days forward!

I will post every giveaways each day here on Fashioning Faith, or you can simply check it out on the official site of Hijabi Fashion Week on

Day 1: Haute Hijab Giveaways

Haute Hijab will be giving away two essential wardrobe staples for you..

First giveaway:

and the second giveaway:

On how to enter: click here.

Don't forget to check out everyday until June 5, 2011, to see what giveaway is coming up each day! :)


May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 1 - Work Wear

Hijabi Fashion Week is here! So here we go, Lovely Ladies!

Day 1 - Work Wear

 Outfit 1:
  • Long-sleeves, black maxi dress
  • Three quarter-sleeves, long pin-stripes blazer
  • Brown leather belt
  • A watch
  • Long necklace
  • Green rectangle scarf
  • Inner: 'ninja' headdress
  • Black thin socks
  • Black pumps

Outfit 2:
  • I replaced the long pin-stripes blazer with the three quarter-sleeves, dark-brown blazer, then added a silver big ring, and carried a notebook handbag.
Note: Either the pictures and the clothes are dark... hihi.. and there was not enough lighting in the photoshoots, so the detail of the clothes is missing. I'm sorry.. ^^

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Hi, Lovelies! :)

Welcome to my style blog, and here I am participating in Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW) May 2011.. :)
This is an outfit for Day 1: Work Wear.

First of all, I want to make a disclaimer.. hehe ;)
1). I'm not a professional model and not a pro photographer either. I'm a mother of two little boys who often running and screaming around me... :)

On HFW's Day 1 - Work Wear, the quality of my pictures are not as good as I expected.. :) But, in the rest categories/days of HFW, I thought my pictures are getting better.. hehe.. So keep watching me, Lovelies! :)

Hope in the next HFW, I become a pro.. :) I'll keep learning and learning!

So, why do I join HFW? The reason why I want to participate in HFW are
  • I love to dress up, mix-and-match my wardrobe pieces, and trying or creating new hijab wrappings, eventhough I can't model it well.. hehe.. and I love to photograph my outfit styling.
  • I want to connect with other Muslimah from around the world, to get to know more each other, help and inspire each other.
  • I want to help make this event bigger. I want to introduce Muslimah Hijab Style to the whole world. Make the world know that Hijabi Muslimah can look stylish and sophisticated. Make our covered style more common, friendly, and pleasant to see.. :) 
2). Actually I have prepared two pictures for each category, and I can't decide which one I want to display for HFW, because no picture is better than the other.. hehe. So I will post both of them here.

3). I don't shop a lot, so the fashion choice regarding to my wardrobe is limited. I simply mix-and-match my wardrobe pieces and accentuate my looks with different accessories each day.

4). For this HFW, I have a project for myself is to make my long-sleeves black maxi dress as a basic wardrobe that can be worn for all occasions. So, many of my style photos for HFW will be showing off the maxi dress.

Tips for today: 
Invest in timeless, classic pieces like a great trench, perfectly tailored trousers, and beautiful shoes. Construction and quality are key—aim for luxurious fabrics, neat stitching and seams, and fine craftsmanship. Once you have a solid foundation wardrobe, you can fill in the gaps with less-expensive buys and interesting accessories.
(Nina Garcia, Fashion Director at Marie Claire Magazine, and also a judge on Project Runway television series on interview with HijabTrendz).

Now, about my outfits above.
As a blogger... hihi.. my outfit for work basically is everything and anything :). Outfits in the pictures above are my work wear when I delivered my kids to their school, then I blogged in the waiting room while they were in school.. :)

I took along with me my notebook bag, also a pen and a book to write anything that inspire me. I hooked the pen on my belt.. :)

The hijab wrapping I chose was inspired by the neck scarves wrapping that often wore by people who work at the formal office.

So, enjoy my outfits, Ladies! :) See you tomorrow for Day 2: Formal Attire.


May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011

Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 4 - Date Night

HFW, June 2, 2011

Outfit 1:
  • A simple mid-calf lenght white dress with silver flowers print on it
  • Black pants
  • Grey-navy blue pashmina with glittery silver-threads stripes
  • My comfortable flat shoes :)

Outfit 2:
  • Sleeveless Burberry-motifs minidress
  • Black cotton 'drapery' cardigan
  • Black pants
  • A brown leather belt
  • Pink flowery linen pashmina from Hijab Online Store
  • Black pumps

My 'not so romantic' outfits for Date Night with Hubby... haha.. :)

We went shopping at the evening and we brought up our little boys with us... It became a 'Date Night with the whole family'.. :) So I would go for a more casual outfit to be able to keep up with the children... :)

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Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 3 - Work Out Wear

June 1, 2011

Day 3 - Work Out Wear

  • Work out pants
  • A sweat jacket
  • A blue-pink polkadots mini-scarf
  • Sports shoes
  • Capsters 'Runner' sports hijab:

Time to work out.. It's my favorite! :)

Tips for today: Try to look stylish while doing sports! :) 
And it would be better if you wear a hijab which specialized for sports, because the shape and materials were designed to fit sport activities. It will cover your head comfortably letting you transpire easily and keeping your head cool. So, you can stay active longer.. :)

InshaAllah soon I will post my review on Capsters 'Runner' sports hijab I wore in this picture.

Right now, let's run.. join the fun... playing sports!!
Happy work out, Lovelies! :)

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Turban Style Tutorial by Larasati Putri

Simple Turban Style by Larasati Putri, the stylist of Nalini Chic Moslem Boutique.

Before we go to the tutorials, there are two things you need to pay more attention on these styles:
  1. It would be better if you wear a special inner (such as 'ninja' headdress) underneath that also cover your neck and bosom. So, you don't have to worry that the back of your neck will be showed up. But, this is not a must, if you can wrap the scarf carefully and neatly, it's possible to also cover the back of your neck.
  2. Use your very long rectangle scarf. I tried this style with my scarf, but it wasn't longer enough to create this turban style. So, I used my scarf only to make the turban, then I added other scarf wrapped around to cover my neck.

Ready to try? Let's enjoy these videos:

Thank you for sharing, Putri.. :)

You can check Putri's channel on YouTube here, Putri's blog, and her online shop which sell beautiful shiny satin shawls: Nalini Chic Moslem Boutique.

May 28, 2011

May 28, 2011

Amirah Fashions' new designs for Summer

Amirah Fashions, a UK based couture Muslimah wear providing quality garments in very limited numbers, have yet again updated their Summer collection with these two new designs..

A feminine Summery look:
'Pretty in Pink' Summer lace jilbab, made in a light fabric that is light, airy, and flowing, with white and pink lace around the neckline and on the sleeves which have two beautiful roses.
As they claimed,
this design are perfect for the sister who just won't to be seen out of pastels in the Summer.

and a classic look:
'Royal Navy' linen jilbab made from the lightest linen in navy blue color. The fabric is light, soft, and airy, with a pretty floral embroidered motif on the waist between two baby blue satin bands.
This design is suitable for the sister who just loves her dark colours but still wants to feel light and airy.

These two jilbabs are offered for only £33.50 each, and if you buy both jilbabs by adding this discount code: FREESHIP2SUM, you will get FREE SHIPPING COST! :)

Check their site: Amirah Fashions Abayahs Accessories Gift Vouchers  for more Amirah Fashions' exclusive designs.

May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011

Modern Hijabs

Hijab Trends in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

Fifi Alvianto, Anneke Scorpy and Hanna Faridl have set up Casa Elana, a shop that specializes in modern jilbab. (JG Photo/Lisa Siregar)
Fifi Alvianto, Anneke Scorpy and Hanna Faridl have set up Casa Elana, 
a shop that specializes in modern jilbab. 
(Photo credit: JG Photo/Lisa Siregar, via The Jakarta Globe)

In Indonesia, many Muslim women choose to cover their hair with a headscarf, also known as jilbab.

While the decision to wear a hijab can limit women’s options in terms of wardrobe, many young women in Jakarta have been experimenting with fashion options and ways of wearing their hijab with attitude.

Over the past year, many different styles have emerged among the city’s hijab-wearers, including cotton scarves and oversized headbands to accentuate the look. For many women, the symbolic headpiece has become a way to express both their beliefs and their styling abilities.

Read more in The Jakarta Globe.

From what I have noticed, the trends for young generation hijabi, particularly in Jakarta, are casual look with lots of cotton materials and 'drapery'-style clothing:
  • long loose-fitting clothes made of cotton, such as: long cardigan, maxi dresses or jumpsuits, long skirts, bat-wing sleeves, also harem pants and wide/super wide-legged trousers, etc.
  • ninja look-alike headdresses that cover not only your hair, but also your neck and upper bosom. They come in variety materials, from spandex to cotton,
  • cotton shawls (are so popular), wrapped in loose style and mostly are in plain colors or stripes. 
  • big headbands, brooches, necklaces, and also belts, to accessorize the look.
  • greater variety in inner scarves (crossed, layered, accessorized, lace, colorful, etc.)
  • 'tie-dye' motifs on shawls, skirts and dresses, 
  • pleated skirts, tiered skirts,
  • hooded tops,
  • kaftans, for wedding party or other formal occasions.
There are still a lot more pieces and designs, but the ones that are most easy-to-find around are those above.

The immense option for natural fibres, such as cotton, is definitely intended to suit Indonesian climate which materials should be breathable, soft and cool. Also linen and silk are comfortable to wear in tropical climate.

Sometimes, I thought that these hijabi fashionistas look similar, in term of the wardrobe pieces they wear. On the other hand, the looks are different in a way of 'mix-and-match' and how they wrapping and accessorize their headscarves. On wrapping headscarf, these girls are so creative! :)

But, like Coco Chanel said, "fashion fades, only style remains the same", the trends will change and only your style left! So, wear what is comfortable for you that can also expresses your personality.. :)

What fashion trends going in your town/city right now? Do you follow the trends? 

Can you describe your own style?

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May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011

CHANEL Resort 2012

Hijab-Friendly stuffs on the Runway

Ever thinking about these?

The hybrid thong-boot footwear that can also be a 'bottom-extension' for hijabi.. :)

I've ever saw a kind of bottom-extension in 'UpToDate', a high-end hijab shop in Indonesia. The 'bottom-extension' is an open-toes thick sock made by knitting. The function and how-to-wear is the same as the already-popular sleeves-extension. The models of UpToDate wear this kind of bottom-extension while they are wearing midcalf-length skirts or dresses.

The shoes from Chanel Resort 2012 collection, or so called 'the thong-boot footwear', look lighter, softer, and more suitable for Summer than boots... I'm really in love with the shoes.

The weakness is when you wear a midcalf-length skirt/dress with these shoes, and then you want to enter the mosque, you can't take the shoes off. Unless.. you're wearing socks underneath.. :)
Chanel Resort 2012Chanel Resort 2012Chanel Resort 2012Chanel Resort 2012

Wearing a shirt and jeans with a loose long-sleeves top underneath the shirt and wide-leg pants over the jeans.. Sounds like trying to hijabified? ;)

Accessorized with a scarf-tie that matches with the sleeves and pants..

Chanel Resort 2012

Or, do you need some style inspiration for this Summer? Check these hijab-friendly pieces from Chanel Resort 2012 collection!


The plain, simple, clean dresses, or the printed ones.

Chanel Resort 2012Chanel Resort 2012


Chanel Resort 2012


Pleated skirt is a hot trend this season. Why don't you make your own pleated maxi-skirt, or pleated maxi-dress with a pair of long sleeves, or a pleated abaya..?

The add of long, sleeveless vest/jacket over the dress made the whole look more chic and modest.

Chanel Resort 2012


They are surely a hijabi's bestfriends.. :)

Chanel Resort 2012Chanel Resort 2012Chanel Resort 2012

(Photos: Yannis Vlamos /, via

Which one do you like most?

May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011

May Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to Ina Kusumastuti from Jakarta, Indonesia, Yattie Fairazhar from Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia, and Nur Amirah Elysa from Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, for winning the May Giveaway!

Your Crumple ANYA Pashmina will be making its way to you shortly... :)

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Reader Question: One-Sleeve Dress

Dewi A. emailed me about a week ago. She is wearing hijab and has a prom at June, and she has no idea what to wear to the prom.

She plans to wear this one-sleeve long dress matched with a tight long sleeves tee, and asked me what's my thought about it.

Basically, this kind of dress was designed to highlight its asymmetrical design. Perhaps it was designed to add elegancy.. as if you carry a cape/shawl on one of your shoulders.

For a hijabi, this dress is rather difficult to be styled up in variety of styles to create many different looks. Because you can't add the usual bolero, cardigan, or jacket on to the dress to cover the bare arm, because it's almost impossible to do that with a wide-long-cloth of sleeve on the other arm.

The most possible way to go is the conventional way.. hehe... wearing a long-sleeves tee underneath. It has two advantages: cover the bare arm along without losing the real basic design of the dress.

In some hijab stores in Indonesia, they sell a 'long-sleeves CROPPED t-shirt'.. It's a t-shirt that only cover your shoulder and upper bosom with a pair of long sleeve. This t-shirt can be wore when you ONLY need the sleeves, without the t-shirt.. (I'm sorry if my explanation confusing you because I don't have a picture of it ^^). And I think it's more comfort to wear than the usual sleeves extension, and it won't add a bulge on your outer dress. But the weakness is if the sleeve-less dress you wear over it doesn't have narrow arm-pit holes, your body still can peek out from the arm-pit holes because the cropped t-shirt has a very short torso.

One alternative that crossed my mind, that I think will be more elegant, is by adding a shawl to cover the bare arm. Drape a shawl over the bare arm, pin it on your shoulder, pull it up around your arm, and pin it near the elbow and on the wrist. Or, wear the shawl diagonally on your body, then tie the two ends on the other side of your waist, or use a belt to stick the shawl in place. Just be creative with the way you wrap the bare arm with a shawl! ^_^

If the shawl drapes loosely and widely around your bare arm, the weakness is the dress will be losing its unique asymmetrical look because now both sleeves look similar. But if your shawl is in different color with the dress, the asymmetrical sense of the dress still can be achieved..  

For a prom, I was thinking a classy, bohemian look with a long understated necklace, a flower-embroidery headscarf, a long-sleeves tee underneath or a silver glittery shawl over the bare arm, and a pair of sparkly heels..

Either you choose to wear a tee underneath or a shawl over the bare arm, you can wearing it in different colors with the dress, or even in glittery silver or gold to jazz up the look.

Do you have any tips for Dewi for styling up this dress? Or, do you prefer other dress to a prom, what kind of dress do you suggest for Dewi?

May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

Aab's Pink Paisley

Beautiful black abaya from Aab.

(Photo: courtesy of Aab)

Not too long ago, Aab, an abaya shop based in the UK, introduced their new arrival, Pink Paisley Abaya. Made from soft brushed linen and a dash of silk threads for the embroidery, this abaya should be comfort and cool to wear, even for the Summer.

Love the abaya's cut, embroidery of pink paisley on the sleeves, the photo scene, and especially the way the headscarf was wrapped.. beautiful!

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