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June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

A gray asymmetric tunic sweater

Style Crush I Found

I stumbled upon this wardrobe piece, and I directly fall in love with it.

It's a gray asymmetric tunic sweater from Oh So Chic Boutique. Based on the boutique's site, this item seems to be an old collection and not available anymore.

The design is so unique. What I love is it's a long-sleeved tee that has an excessive cloth at the arms and the bosom area that are, not only look edgy, but also add more "layers".

The color also is my favorite.

Then I browsed the related looks in shopstyle.com. Here's what I found.. interesting wardrobe pieces:

Cashmere short sleeve tunic sweater

Tunic sweater:

Vince-vince cashmere surplice tunic heather cinderAthleta-teeliciousa cropped ruffle wrapAthleta-tadasana tunic
grey tunic sweater-design history swing tunic peppercorngrey tunic sweater-siddhasana scrunch sweatergrey tunic sweater-enza costa cashmere v tunic

Cocoon cozy sweater:

Styles to wear it:

(Image credit: Athleta)

Note: for this cocoon sweater, you better wear it in one size bigger, to avoid a clingy-ness.

These ones below are also fabulous:

Beige asymmetrical cowl neck tunic sweater (from: thisnext)

Asymmetric tee-skirt/tunic:

What do you think of these items?

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June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Ways to style up your sleeveless dress fashionably and modestly

Hijab Styling Tips

For Muslim women who wear hijab, there are many ways to style up a sleeveless dress.

Sleeveless dress can be styled up with almost any outerwear, such as: jacket (denim, leather, cotton, fur, etc), blazer, coat (trench coat, ankle-graze, etc), cardigan (cropped cardigan, long cardigan, etc), jumper, cape, sweater, sweater dress, shirt, suit tops, long-sleeved shrug, etc.

You just have to know which outerwear will be best paired with a particular sleeveless dress. If the dress is tight at the top or has an elastic crinkle at the chest area, wear an outerwear that can cover the area, or even a short jumper.

If the dress is a bit tight at the hip, wear a knee-length or an ankle-graze coat, a trench coat, or a drape-y long cardigan to cover.

Trench Coats (Image credit: Lovely Today)
Long Cardigan (Outfit styling: Chel of Carousel)

If the dress is loose, simply pair it with any outerwear you love.

A Knit Shrug (Image credit: PatternFish)

Here are some examples on how to style up the sleeveless dress:
With a denim jacket.
How to style up the sleevesless dress for hijabi

With a leather jacket.
(photo credit: Evans Fashion Fix)

With a buttoned-up shirt over the dress, and then accessorized it with a narrow belt:
(Outfit styling: Ashfi Qamara, via My Amethyst)

Or, style it up with a short jumper or a cropped t-shirt:

Also, you can style up a sleeveless dress with a tunic or a blouse, over it or underneath it, or... layering it with a long-sleeved tee underneath.

NOTE, as for layering sleeveless dresses with a long-sleeved tee underneath, you have to be careful on styling them. Not all types of sleeveless dress can be paired simply with a long-sleeved tee underneath. For example, these kind of dresses (picture below): halter-topped, strapped and tube dresses, won't look good paired with a tight long-sleeved tee underneath. Even, for me, it's a fashion no-no for hijabi:
halter-topped, strapped, and tube dresses
It looks like you're pushing yourself wearing something that "you can't wear". That looks weird, and.. pathetic.


Try to avoid this.

BUT, there's STILL a way you can wear this kind of 'mix-and-match'..

Styling these 'halter tops-strapped-strapless/tube' kind of maxi dresses over a tight long-sleeved tee, is a bit tricky. You MUST complete the outfit by wearing a WIDE and LONG scarf with a particular hijab-wrapping that will ensure you COVER the clingy neck and bosom area with it.

NOT like this:

It's not too pleasant to be seen.. right? You better throw up a jacket on this kind of outfit..

A better way is by adding a baggy cropped-tee's or a blouse over the outfit,
baggy cropped tee's, blouses, and vests
so the outfit will look like this:

In my opinion, if you want to pair dresses with a long-sleeved tee underneath, short-sleeved, or wide-shouldered, or capped-sleeved dresses will do a whole much better look.
wide-shouldered maxidress

See.. ?!

What do you think? How do you style up your sleeveless dress?


June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

'Hijab Rules Rant' Discussion on Hegab Rehab

Hegab Rehab by Ange recently posted a new article, titled "Hijab Rules Rant".

And not too long, there's an interesting discussion going on there! Check out the post and get involved in the discussion. I really want to know what your thoughts about this topic raised by Ange. She talks about
What is hijab really? What is modesty?
Is hijab in its purest form the simple essence of modesty, of making sure you look decent on the street? Or is it a long list of strict rules we must abide by and if we don't we must be lectured by everyone under the sun about it?
And about various hijab style Muslim women around the world wear.

Here is my opinion I dropped in the discussion section. I stressed out especially on the various hijab style worn by Muslim women:

Of course, for me, hijab is about the essence of modesty. In my opinion, like you and Alia said, hijab highlights the important to dress, to look decent on the street. So that you aren't bothered, so that you feel comfortable with yourself, and so that you connect to people on an intellectual level rather than a physical one.

Islam's mandate is to cover the whole body, except hands and face (for feet, as far as I know, it's still in grey area whether they can be showed or not). Islam doesn't prescribe the rigid rules about what color we can wear, or what fabric we should wear.

People, or in this case, Muslim women, also have their own identity (nationally/ethnically, professionally, culturally, etc). They also have creativity and expressions. Dressing is one of their ways to keep their identity, to be creative, and to express their self through clothing. These are allowed in Islam. Wearing hijab doesn't mean that you have to lose your identity or personality, and it's important for us to develop our unique identity or self. As Erik Erikson, a famous child development expert, said (in one of articles in Islamic Horizons magazine, titled Serving Tawheed and Turkey page 44):
"Failure to achieve an identity can lead to confusion and despair".
And I believe that Alloh SWT loves diversity :) He creates beauty in this planet from the diversity of things and creatures who live in it.. :)

As a muslim woman who wears hijab, there is a whole new realm of possibility for our clothes, from traditional clothes to urban or modern outfits, there aren't any rules on what styles it should be. We can wear clothing (hijab/jilbab) in various styles.

In the Qur'an Surah 7:26,
"O ye Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you. But the raiment of righteousness,- that is the best. Such are among the Signs of Allah, that they may receive admonition."
So clothing does not have to be drab. It is all right for both sexes to use clothing to enhance beauty as well as to cover nakedness.. But the most important thing is to be modest and righteous.

(Alloh knows best).

So, Sisters, let's not be judgemental.. let's show to the world that Islam is full of love and compassion.. :)

Regarding to the discussion that's still happening, so far, I like and agree with the comments from Alia, Zainab, and Hijab Revival.

Zainab and Hijab Revival have a good opinion about what is Hijab really, not only about how we dress (outer hijab), but also how we conduct ourselves in public, how we act towards others (social hijab), and then of course inner hijab (our inner being like our character, thoughts, etc). And even though some scholars have disagreements about some aspects of hijab, the majority agree on the core aspects of hijab in the Qur’an.

So, what is your own opinion about that?

You can read their comments and all other opinions here, in the comment's section of the article.

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June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

Lovely Lady-like Coats

I love outerwear, and these are some of sleek feminine, flair coats that I love.

Ruffled Coats

Tory Burch Ruffled Trenchcoat

Rainforest Ruffle-Front Coat

Pleat-Skirted Coat

Satin Coats

Tahari 'Carla' Satin Coat
Tahari ‘Carla’ Satin Coat
Pippa Middleton's Olive-Green Satin Coat

So, which of these do you love?

(Source: YourNextCoat)

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June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

Review's Update: Feedback from Capsters team

(Photo: courtesy of Capsters)

Regarding to my review on Capsters 'Runner-type' Sports Hijab, the designer of Capsters, Cindy van den Bremen, has kindly gave her feedback on my suggestion about Capsters Runner. You can read my Capsters Review here

Here is the feedback from Cindy and her information on the issue I got with my Capsters Runner:
Dear Rania,
Thank you for sending the link to your blog and placing your review. Also much thanks for the improvements you suggested.
We're probably going to lower the Runner collar with the next production, as we did with our Capsters Team.
We are probably going to add another color variation as well ;-)
As far as the extra space for a hair knot in the hijab: that's actually how I originally designed the sports hijabs. but the feedback I got was that the hijabs were too loose. So I tightened the designs for a snugger fit. Leaving little room for extra hair ;-) 
Nevertheless, our Capsters Aerobics does have a special feature: a hairbag in the back that you can put your ponytail in so that the hijab and your hair stays in place while jumping and running.
I will place a link to your blog on our Capsters Facebook fanpage! 
Kind regards,
Cindy van den Bremen
Designer of Capsters

In Capsters' Facebook page, the Capsters team also gave their solution about this issue:
We suggest the Capsters Aerobics for those of you with lots of hair: it has a separate hairbag in the back! Also our Capsters Basic has a bit looser fit around the head, leaving room for a big knot of hair ;-)
So, if you have a long and thick hair, you better go for Capsters sports Aerobic or casual Basic

Also, in their next production, Capsters will lower the Runner's collar and add more colour variation as well. Isn't it fantastic? 

As you already read in my review, the Runner's materials are excellent.. and, with the forthcoming new design of Runner, I'm sure it would be worth it to have one.. (or two, perhaps.. ^_^).

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June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011

Wardrobe pieces for your best look this Spring!

Style Tips for Today

Instyle.com recently featured six easy pieces for a figure-flattering wardrobe for Spring. Here, I picked up for you five hijab-friendly pieces that you can use to add a little flattery to your look this Spring!

1.) Rosy hue blazer
Charlize Theron  and Emma Watson
Bauer Griffin, Flynet, WireImage
Left to right: Emma Watson, Charlize Theron, and Daria Werbowy

2.) A loose, long-sleeved, print tunic dress
Joy Bryant  and Kim Kardashian  and Michelle Monaghan
Craig Barritt/WireImage, Jordan Strauss/WireImage, Anthony, PacificCoastNews.com
Left to right: Michelle Monaghan, Joy Bryant and Kim Kardashian. 

Note: Definitely, for a hijab-ready look, you must wear this tunic dress with your sleeveless maxidress underneath; Or, paired the tunic with a long skirt or pants; Then, complete the look with a matching headscarf.

3.) Lace tops
Kate Bosworth  and Reese Witherspoon  and Whitney Port
GSI Media, Flynet, Mattel / Splash News
Left to right: Reese Witherspoon, Kate Bosworth and Whitney Port.

Note: Lace top is very versatile and flattering, but, for us, a hijabi, it's a bit tricky. Just make sure that you layer the lace underneath so it won't be see-through. The other way, wear it with your plain hue maxidress underneath, with the same color with the lace top, or with different colors to highlight the lace's motifs.

4.) Jean jacket
Emmy Rossum  and January Jones  and Rashida Jones
WireImage,BRIAN LINDENSMITH/PatrickMcMullan.com/Sipa Press, BuzzFoto/FilmMagic
Left to right: Rashida Jones, January Jones and Emmy Rossum

5.) Printed, floor-dusting skirt
Left to right: Jessica Alba, Akerman, and Palermo

For the maxi skirts, you can choose them with or without tiers or ruffles. The narrow shape with horizontal tiers or ruffles will add the leg-lengthening effect to your look.

So have fun with your wardrobe! :)
(Source: InStyle.com)

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June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

T by Alexander Wang: Fall 2011

Simplicity in a sophisticated covered-style

T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear 
T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
 (Photos: Courtesy of T by Alexander Wang, via Style.com)
 See the complete collection here.

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