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February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012

Bloom your style this Spring!: Zara Inspired

Zara's Spring/Summer 2012 collection

After one week my blog was in its "dormant time".. ;) I was passing across Zara's site to see what is the great sale they offered when I got interested to check out also their new collection for this season.. And... you know what I found?.. A bunch of lovely, modest pieces that would be perfect to bloom your style up this Spring!

Can't help myself to fell in love with them..

Here are my top picks :)

Long printed dress

Maxi pleated skirt

Long printed skirt

Long skirt (on sale)

Culottes (on sale)
The long skirt and culottes above are ON SALE now.. :-) Their prices are reduced into 200.000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).

As for blazers, Zara has a wide range of blazers this spring, from leather, viscose, suede, lace to cotton.. from plain colored, floral printed to snakeskin printed.. :

Leather jacket
Short cotton trench coat
Studio jacket with combined lapel
Studio overcoat

Short double breasted trench coat
Printed blazer with scarf

Floral print blazer
Snakeskin print trench coat
 Also some cute complements to your looks:
Cutwork ballerina shoes
Plaited leather shopper handbag
(Images: Courtesy of Zara)

Go here to see the whole collection, and... what are ON SALE! ;)

So.. What do you think?
What would you wear in this upcoming spring/summer that is different than before to bloom up your look?

Have a nice season, Lovelies! :)

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Sara Sara said...

Hi ! You have a very nice blog ! 
I'm also a muslim woman. 
And I like the light pink trench coat of the Zara ,,very 
beautiful !  It's a nice, long  trench coat. Very nice for young muslim women's.
Sara  ( from the Netherlands.)

Sarah said...

I like the uplifting spring pieces you posted. I never noticed Zara had such cute accessories. i really want to take a closer look at their bags and shoes now!

fashioningfaith said...

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, Sara! I really appreciate this..

Yes, Zara's pink trench coat is my favorite, too :) Love it! It's also made of cotton, so it would be suit for warm weather in Spring/Summer, or in tropical country like mine :)

Cathy of Eye Puffiness said...

Wow nice similar to a maxi dress. Love this blog so much.

Princess Tika said...

the printed skirts are beautiful! IDR 200.000 is still expensive for student's pocket! haha.....

another cheaper recommendation please!! :D

Rania of FashioningFaith said...

@Cathy: Thank you :)

@Princess Tika: :D I would try to.. Thank you for your suggestions.

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