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March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012

Welcome Summer. Happy Swimming!: A giveaway courtesy of Modest Sea [CLOSED]

Modest Swimsuit GIVEAWAY

What is one of the most fun activities during Summer? For me, it is swimming and walking on the beach while my kids playing with sand, corals and the sea water.

Lucky me, I've already had my own favorite swimsuit that I used to wear when I go swimming or take a walk on the beach with my family.

This time giveaway would be perfect for those of you who are waiting for the Summer to come and couldn't wait to enjoy their Summer swimming.. as Summer is the best season for swimming and beach-walking.. :)

The lovely Lori from Modest Sea recently sent me an exciting email about her willing to give away one piece of superb modest swimsuit to one of FashioningFaith Blog's readers.

To be in the chance of winning this giveaway, you must write down in the comment's section below this post: What is your favorite swimsuit from Modest Sea's site, and why?

The winner of this giveaway contest will get one swimsuit of her choice from the wide range of Modest Sea's beautiful collection (the gift will be picked up from your entry, so pick up well which one your favorite swimsuit because it's gonna be your gift!), and.. for all of you who have been being my lovely readers, will get a SURPRISE TREAT from Modest Sea!

So, before I explain further on how to enter the giveaway, I would like to introduce you to this new alternative swimwear line.

Modest Sea - Alternative Swimwear is a line that offers modest swimwear collection designed according to your desire. A swimwear piece from Modest Sea combines the finest design principles with innovative Italian fabrics to deliver moderate to full cover, sun protection and impeccable style.

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According to Modest Sea's website, the swimwear collection is made with AcquaZero fabric, developed by Sitip in Italy using nano-guard technology for the world's leading water-repellant swimsuit fabric. AcquaZero is fast drying and high durable with exceptional UV and chlorine resistance, high breathability and superior moisture management, so that, according to them, every piece by Modest Sea remains light and comfortable when wet or dry.

I love the designs of Modest Sea swimsuits, especially the ones with headcovers that look like a hat or, what I call, a hijab-cap. It would be perfect to be worn while playing under the sun on the beach.

Modest Sea's beautiful collection is ranging from full cover swimwear to mix-and-match options, all are made from high quality fabrics.

So, what are you waiting for?  

Enter the giveaway now! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You will earn more points if you also share about this giveaway on your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog). I will choose the winner randomly from the points you earn.

This giveaway opens internationally, from 12:01 am EST on March 6th, until 12:01 am EST on March 23th, 2012.

In about two weeks forward, when the giveaway has ended, I will announce the winner and A SURPRISE TREAT for all of you. So make sure you COME BACK here on March 24th, 2012, to see the winner and what treat you get.

Have a wonderful weekdays, Lovelies! :)

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Ashley Erin said...

My favorite of the swimsuits is the "brooke" because it was the most modest looking one but still very stylist and beautiful :)

Rana Lahham said...

my favorite is Amelia! :D

QATheWorld said...

My favorite one is Emma! (Soooo hard to decide though!) I like the wider leg pants, and the fact that the pants, top, and headpiece all have color and the top also has color on the back. Also I love the visor, this is a great addition and nice to have some color by the face instead of black :)

QATheWorld said...

I also love the suite you have in the pic, where did you get it?

fashioningfaith said...

Thank you, Ashley, Rana, and QATheWorld, for your entries :)

@QATheWorld: I bought my swimsuit in a local hijab store, here in my city, Yogyakarta - Indonesia.

jess walker said...

My favorite is the Stephanie and Bridget!

LadyEM said...

I love Amelia, because of the big blue flower print on the side of it :)

elma said...

I would love to have "Caroline". I like its colour black with the stripes accent, and also its cap-liked headcover :)

ina kusumastuti said...

I really like the idea of mix & match the body cover & the separates, but if I have to choose only one, I'd have to go with Emma! The color pops on the right parts, also unpredictable on the ankle line - gives an edge to the rather loose pants so they're far from boring.

Vir said...

Love nicole, simple! ;)

Mai said...

As salaamu alaykum.

I am impressed with Brooke, mashaa'Allah. It is hard to find swimsuits that are loose enough in body and especially the legs, to feel really covered. Wonderfully simple, like the black abaya of swimsuits.

Barak Allahu feeki, sister.

Icha said...

Caroline! ....... and Amelia, like them both :)

Eloisa said...

I have never owned a swimsuit, I never learned how to swim and have been teased about this from my girl friends and family all the time. (I tell them, none of you ski, so do you own any skiwear or skis?) Same difference...but for those few occasions where there was a family gathering and I might have enjoyed dipping my feet into the pool...I would happily chose Eva or Danielle as a swimming outfit to rock, poolside! Cheers!

va said...

I like Amelia , Brooke , and Caroline . All the full body ones . Excellent site . hope they come up with more interesting designs .
tumblemumbo at gmail.com

Mahwish bhatti said...

angelica, i guess the grip shall be great for effective body movement

Annisa Marwati said...

i like emma. because it is not too tight, and not too loose either so i think it still can manage any swimming movement, the colour pattern on the chest area might a bit cover the curve of the bump as well. and also i love the bright colour, it reminds me about summer :D

AnnieIsInspired said...

I like the 4th one;)

AnnieIsInspired said...

I like the last one but the stripe one also looks beautiful.

ne-knopka said...

i like 

Shems MareedSurname said...

I like brooke because I find it really simple but it does the job perfectly and i dont want nothing too 'out there'. I belive that will a good hijab on top it will look good cause I doubt i will be swimming a marathon either :D 

Ashley said...

My favorite swimsuit:
I like it because it's so cute and feminine!

Bethany said...

I like this suit:

Shiloh said...

I like the Carmen suit.  It's cute and the color is nice!

Tazeen Ayub said...

The second one because its simple and nice. 

Phie said...

So, u know.. I need 1 hours to pick one of the Modest Sea collections, since there was so many stylish swimwears offered. I love swimming so much and I'm a muslimah, so I got confused when I wanted to go both swimming and fully covering my body. Then, I choose Lauren as the most great swimwear, since it's designed perfectly! Combination of both retro and feminine.. Simple but beautifull.. Also, I imagine how you have an idea to make that head cover, it's fabolous! looks like a hat and fully cover the hair.. Good Job Modest Sea! :D

Phie said...

So, u know I need 1 hours to pick one of Modest Sea collections, since there are so many cute and stylish swimwears offered. Actually, I really love swimming and I'm muslimah. so, sometimes I got confused about how to do my hobby and still fully cover my body. But, when I take a look at Modest Sea, there are so many cool stuff to do both of them. 
If I should choose one, I will pick Lauren as the most "hot" swimwear! I really like its design, it combines both simplicity and glamourous. The dress is so retro but feminine. The diamond detail in white is great! Also, i imagine how you got an idea to make the head cover, it's like a hat but fully cover the hair.. how creative! Honestly, it's very fabolous! Good Job Modest Sea.. :D

Damla said...

I like this: 

Selmica Kiki said...

My fav is this one> 

Journeysof TheZoo said...

I Love Nicole.

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