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November 11, 2012

November 11, 2012

DIY: Create a new hijab look - Pinch Style

What's New on Hijab Style..

Recently I saw a pretty polkadots-printed shawl in one of highstreet hijab stores. The shawl's material is spandex jersey with small dots print completed with a cloth-ring. I straightly thought that this is gonna be a unique hijab look..

And then in the next day, when I went to another highstreet hijab store, I saw this shawl, wrapped in a unique look, becoming a cover of newest Moshaict Magazine, 6th edition.. I right away started fell in love with that look..

The pretty ruffles the ring made give some extra volume to the wrap. Also, they either can give an asymmetric look to your hijab style, or, a turban look.

Eventhough I love it, I didn't rush into buying this kind of shawl/pashmina. I thought I could make this kind of shawl by myself. I could turn almost all of my 'already have' shawls or pashminas into this look, simply with just one single ring.

The ring can be made from a piece of cloth, a ribbon, or an elastic hair-ribbon or headband, or a braided-cloth, anything.. that you think can be shaped into a ring.

Or, simply put my elastic hair-ribbon or a jewel ring on to the shawl..

And this ring can easily be put 'off' or put 'onto' the shawl/pashmina.

Take a look at the pictures below.. It's super easy to make this kind of shawl by yourself with the pashmina/shawl you already have.

Another ring variation:

Belt/Buckle Ring

Pearls Ring

Below is one tutorial from that magazine showing off a hijab style using this Ring Shawl/Pashmina:

(Images: Moshaict Magazine, 6th edition)

There are still lots of style you can create using this Ring Shawl/Pashmina...

And here is my DIY (do-it-yourself) project using a square scarf and a ring (literally).. ;)

What do you think of it?

So, have fun! Be creative! And stay fabulous, Lovelies!

Happy weekend! :)


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