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December 13, 2012

December 13, 2012

Winter Coats that make a statement..


Past few weeks have been hectic for me..

I was busy helping my sister preparing her wedding day, and then, about three days after the wedding, I got a very bad flu and felt very tired.

However, I'm very thankful that her wedding event has been run successfully, and become one of the magical and wonderful moments in our family's life.. :)

And today, I feel much better.. So I started browsing my Pinterest, while I realized there are stunning Winter Coats pinned on the boards that I would love to share with you..

These coats are really pretty! Each of them has a great unique design in a bold color-blocks.. with a feminine and elegance touch.

I'm so in love with them all! :)
Here they are:
winter coat that makes a statement.. love it! 
Fall/Winter coat that makes a statement - pink pop - 
Jill Stuart

What do you think?

And ohh.. I remember,

this morning I was also taking a look at some cool Winter coats to wrap up warm this season, picked by Marie Claire UK.. You might want to check them out here..

So.. have a fabulous week, Lovelies, and see you on the next post! :)

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Maarten Gubbens said...

Incredible coats. I must say! Last night i was searching some unique coats. I've visited many of websites but your collection is mind blowing and very unique and they have inspired me alot. Thanks for the post.
Clothing Online

Ayse Blogosphere said...

Im absolutely in love with number 1 and 4. where can I buy those ?

fashioningfaith said...

I'm sorry, Ayse.. I don't know where to buy them either. Anyone knows?

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