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March 31, 2012

March 31, 2012

What's being popular here: Jilbab Sosor and Jilbab Rajut Dian Pelangi

It might be not a quite new design, as 'jilbab sosor' has been popular amongst the urban Muslimahs in Indonesia about a few months ago.

Jilbab Sosor Dian Pelangi

The design firstly introduced by a well-known Muslimah fashion designer, Dian Pelangi.

It's an instant or slip-on hijab, so you just have to slip on the hijab directly to your head, then wrap or twist the excessive flowing part of it in so many ways. No pins needed. Perhaps a beautiful brooch or some velvet pins can be added, if you want to spice it up.. :)

This "jilbab" comes in so many various colours in Dian's signature design, tie-dye motifs.

The best part is you don't have to wear a ninja headdress to get many looks of hjab style. Here are some appearances of 'jilbab sosor':

The plain part acts as the inner while the "colourful" part can be wrapped up according to your desire.

You can see how Dian Pelangi styled up the 'jilbab sosor' in her site, here, here, and here.

Another new collection of hijabs by Dian Pelangi that I noticed quite popular too is 'jilbab rajut' (= knitted shawl) that made in colour gradations.

Below is my favorite colour gradation of Dian Pelangi's knitted headscarf/shawl, grades from navy blue to yellow-ish green:

 Check out one look on how Dian Pelangi wear this kind of headscarf here.

(Photos credit: Oy Butik and Mazaya)

Do you own Dian Pelangi's 'jilbab sosor' or 'jilbab rajut'? What is your thought about these kind of headscarves?

Do share a link / links in the comment's section below if you know any tutorials of the possibilities on how we can style up these scarves.. :)

Stay fabulous!

(Editor's note: Indonesian people usually call hijab/headscarf/tudung/kerudung as 'jilbab')

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March 24, 2012

March 24, 2012

Modest Sea Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Annisa Marwati for winning the Modest Sea Giveaway.

Your prize, Emma swimsuit, will be making its way to you shortly! :)


And... for all of you, Modest Sea gives a special 20 % discount to buy Modest Sea quality swimsuits!

Please note that this discount will be valid just for two weeks.

In order to enjoy this benefit, please follow the instruction below:

After choosing the swimwear in, and adding it to your "bag", you should proceed to checkout. In this stage, users that are not connected yet should open a user. It is required to have a user in order to make a purchase. After logging in and choosing a shipping and payment methods, you will get the screen like this:

There is a window in which you should type the code number 507090.
After entering it and pressing the update subtotal key, you will be able to see the discount grunted.

Enjoy! :)

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Reader's Style: Nefike Keke

Today's Readers' Style comes from Nefike Keke.

This is a second time she shared her style with FashioningFaith Blog's readers. At her first look here, she was trying to match colour purple and red fashionably. 

And, as for her second appearance, Nefike worked on her Boots, Blazer, and Sunglasses to Layered Maxi Dress..

Check out her style:

Boots, blazer, and sunglasses.

Layered maxi dress.

 What did you think of Nefike's style?

Do you want to share your style too, just like Nefike did? Click here to find out how and.. let's be an inspiration for other Muslimahs! :)

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March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012

This Week's New collections and Offers

Haute Hijab New Spring 2012 Collection:

Main Body Image

They've got hijabs in four latest fashion trends; Polka Dot, Paisley, Tangerine, and Floral! You can check Haute Hijab's collection here.

Amirah Fashions has added 5 fresh-designed jilbabs to their website. The jilbabs are: Amelia rose jilbab, Fleur grey jilbab, Guinevere cherry jilbab, Guinevere Blackberry jilbab, and Midnight garden jilbab.

Other news from Amirah Fashions' website, the Layla jilbabs will be restocked over the next couple of weeks, and the Chelsea jilbab is coming back in many colour ways soon.

New from Aab is their 'chic and casual Spring Looks' Hijab collection. Here is my favorite:

Al Hambra Bloom

Shukr's new Spring 2012 collection is out now on their website.

Great deals are running at House of Sakti Jewelry's site for their 'Arm Party" bracelets series:

Simply enter the code above at the checkout when you buy from their site.

Go check out those sites for fabulous things that you might need to compliment your Spring looks.. ;)

And don't forget, tomorrow I will announce the winner of my 'Modest Swimwear GIVEAWAY' and a surprise treat for everyone! :)

Keep an eye out.

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How to fix your 'too tight/too loose' ninja headdress

Tips and Tricks

One styling key that becomes so trendy nowadays amongst young urban Muslimahs who wear hijab in Indonesia is the using of ninja headdress as an inner hijab.

By using a ninja headdress, your hair, neck, upper bosom, and part-of-shoulder area would be get covered (that's why it's so-called "ninja" ^_^ according to how it looks), allowing you to have a free choice on how you would wrap your headscarf.

If you have no idea yet about what kind of headdress that is, you can read the details about it here, on my previous post.

But the big problem that many of these Muslimahs face while they are using ninja headdress is it becomes loose easily around the face after had been worn many times or after had been washed.

I notice that many of these Muslimahs have no idea to fix this out. Some of them will just leave their ninja headdress alone in their wardrobe, unwearable.. Others, keep wearing it by the help of pins. They pull off the fabrics to the both side of face, left and right, and then pin the excessive fabrics to both side; Or, pull the fabrics down and pin the excessive fabrics below the chin.

This is not practical and not neat to be seen :)

I found the solution to fix this up from the shop where I bought mine, Claroshop. As one of the online shop which sell this kind of headdress, Claroshop had wrote a tips on how to fix this problem about several months ago. I have tried it myself and it worked really well for me.

So, for you who thinks that your ninja headdress can not be worn because it's too tight or too loose, here is the tips from Claroshop:
Trick and tips.
Spandex is one of material that we using for head cover. If your head cover become elastic when after imposed many times, you don’t have to be sad because you think it can't be used again.

Don’t worry, we will give you solution for your head cover:
  • If you feel too tight to wearing HC (= ninja headcover), you can open a thread at point of left and right on your cheek.
  • And, if it's too loose, you don’t have to need a pin to make tight, just sewing the tip of the left and right cheek on your head cover (sew about 1-2 cm depend how loose or tight you want).

The tips is very easy to do.. You can sew it manually or by sewing machine as well.

Hope the tips can help you out! :)

Happy weekend.

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March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

It's about time now.. to change my blog's url become one which is memorable and edgy... (is it? hehehhe ^_^)

FashioningFaith Blog has changed its url (= site's address), from to

The new one is shorter and, I hope, will be easier to remember.

Anyway, you still can find my style blog through the "old" link / url. No worries, it will redirect you to the blog's new url. So, simply keep the "old" one with no need to change anything.

Please.. let me know (via the comment section below) if you find any troubles or errors during your "surfing" on this blog. I would really appreciate that :)

Thank you so much in advance for your support and kind attention :)


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March 18, 2012

March 18, 2012

Phillip's Gallery.. Kasongan, Yogyakarta

I found these "old" photos somewhere in my files. I remember that these are photos I took last year during my visit to Phillip's Gallery. I also took a picture of myself there showcasing a "rules-breaking fashion" for Hijabi Fashion Week Nov 2011.

This gallery highlights the traditional fabrics and crafts, such as batik (there's also embossed batik: produced on cotton fabric with a unique technique, which motifs were embossed and matched with the fabric's color), lurik, sarongs, silver jewelries, handbags, and so forth.

Embossed batik (left); Hand-drawn batik (right)
Unfortunately I didn't take a closer look of those embossed batiks to show you more details about them.

So here are some closer looks, giving more detail's at these embossed batiks, from Phillip's site and Nilanda's blog:

Embossed batiks

My mom, who came along with me to the gallery, loved these embossed batiks, so she bought one in colour soft fuchsia.. beautiful!

We spent some times at this gallery, took a look around while also enjoying the scenery of "sawah" (rice fields) and hills at the background, which surrounds the gallery.

Here are some pictures I took myself on things in the gallery:

Dress made from the embossed-batik fabrics (left)

Okay then.. Enjoy your weekend and see you on the next post! :)

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March 15, 2012

March 15, 2012

Maxidress Moment: Elie Saab, Fall 2012

Style Inspiration - From the Runway

Elie Saab's collection for Fall 2012 is so gorgeous. Here is one of the collection which is so elegance, covered yet looks comfort...

Pop up a headscarf in the same tone, or in a clash-y tone, with the dress, and... voila!.. A perfect look for Hijabi.

Love this look so much :)

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March 11, 2012

March 11, 2012

Muslim Style Bloggers on IFB !

Helloo, Lovelies! How is your weekend?

Hope you have wonderful days :)

Today, I just want to share one thing that made my day. Would you like to know? :)

Recently I got a mention on one of my favorite websites, Independent Fashion Bloggers, well-known as IFB, in this post:

Balancing Fashion & Faith: A Look at Muslim Style Bloggers

along with other wonderful Muslim Fashion blogs, Hijab Style and Hijabs High.

Perhaps you think that it's only a tiny mention.. but for me, it means a lot :)

This is the first time IFB highlights Muslim style bloggers from Fashion blogging world.

Check out that interesting article, featuring my favorite fashion bloggers: Asma of Haute Muslimah (US), Hana of Style Covered (UK), and Ange of Miss Hijabi (Australia).

Independent Fashion Bloggers or IFB, is a community of Fashion or Style Bloggers that I really love.. Full of real stylish bloggers who sharing useful things and beautiful pictures, has very useful contents, advices and tips on blogging, photography and, of course, fashion, articles on the latest developments in the blogging world, and it has interesting weekly round-up of links ala mode. 

I have joined this community since a few years ago, and I love it! I subscribed for IFB's newsletter, and I've always got great contents from IFB in my inbox. I truly read them. On IFB's site, I usually got tempted to be in to an endless cycle of clicking link after link, after link... I got lots of new knowledge and inspirations. It has been being one of the communities that is very useful and helpful for me.

And now, being mentioned on this site, and have a chance to be read by a wider community, especially by lovely people from this community,

I feel very happy and honoured.

Thank you to IFB, especially Taylor Davies, who wrote the article, for recognizing my beloved style blog... ;)

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March 10, 2012

March 10, 2012

Being stylish (differ or equal to) Consumerism

(Image credit: Stylish Sisters, Hijab Style Blog)

What did you think when you read or hear the word "being stylish", or, see stylish people/fashionista? Has a thought of "consumerism" or "over-consumption" ever crossed your mind?

This post are meant for not only veiled Muslimah in particular, but also for all fashionista in general, intended just for sharing thoughts.

Before I wear hijab,  I just know a little bit about style and fashion. I even didn't know that there are lots of variety on hijab style, either the Muslim fashion.

At that time, I was really a not-care-about-fashion person. I had a lack of knowledge on fashion world and its terms. I have a perception that fashion is identical with consumerism... Thing that I really avoid because I thought it is one of the low mentality in person.. thing that is really unimportant and superficial in this "spiritual world" which we, as human, are asked to be a "khalifah" (leader) in this world, to well-manage and nurture the world and all its creatures.

And then when I try to wear hijab at the first time, I felt FREE! I enjoyed it. Until now I've been enjoying the feelings.. the feeling of being safe, comfort, free, protected, and the excitement of having the ability to avoid social pressure to wear revealing outfits and also for going incognito ;) It is ME that have the right to choose what people can see from me.
You only see what I CHOOSE you to see.
 That is freedom for me.
On the first days I wear hijab, I was simply wearing a common triangle paris hijab wrapped in a simple style in earth-tone hues. This simple look has already made me happy. But sometimes, when I looked at the mirror, I felt drab and thought I looked old-fashioned.

Then, in the process of learning the hijab further more, I found a couple of sites that I thought "Wow, these are awesome!" I remembered that the first hijab fashion blog I read is Hijab Style. While looking around in that site, I saw some outfits that Jana has mixed-and-matched.. My heart was jumping up and down, filled with excitement: "I never thought that Muslimah outfits could be set that way. They look fresh and stylish! During my entire life, I thought Muslimah wear were just tunics and "gamis" (jilbab/long-sleeved shapeless maxi dress).

From that time, I kept continue to search about Muslim fashion and on how to create an innovative trendy Muslimah wear with creative hijab wrapping. This was the time I made my first introduction to the wider fashion world. I want to look fresh.. I want to be different (in a positive way) and stand up in the crowd.. I want to show to the world that covered style can be stylish and beautiful. I feel passionate in the inside. I knew that I have been fallen in love with fashion.. ;)

But now, when I think again about it, it is very logic for the new hijabi to be in love with fashion. I believe that many of you have this feeling too, especially in the recent days when Muslim fashion are blooming around the world.. :)  It just comes naturally.

Based on my own experiences during my early days of wearing hijab.. when you felt that you have to get rid of your "old" clothes and replace them with the new ones, the question that come up first in your mind is: what should I buy?!!

"I don't have enough modest clothes."
"I don't have enough long-sleeved tees, shirts or tunics."
"I need a cardigan to cover my sleeves when I wear my short-sleeved tee.. And I need it in a variety of colours to match it to my outfits."
"I need a light-weight coat to be worn with my sleeveless maxi dress."
"I need a neck-extension to cover my neck when I wear my low-necklined tops."
"I need an under-dress to be worn with my transparent maxi dress."
"I need maxi skirts to replace my mini skirts." "I need wide-leg jeans to replace my skinny jeans."
"I need a long-sleeved tee in various colours as the basic pieces for my looks."
"I need a modest swimsuit to go swimming, to go to the beach."
And the list go on.. and on.

And then, it comes the time that you must buy your hijabs/headscarves/headcovers.

"I don't have any headscarves yet."

At first, you thought you just need hijabs in neutral colours: black, white, navy blue, creme/beige. And then, you thought that you need more hijabs in different colours to match with your colorful clothes. You need hijabs in colour pink, brown, green, maroon, yellow, sky blue, red, etc. Then you need them in gold, silver, with glitters for party. Then you need the comfortable ones for workout.

 And because now you're wearing hijab, you need to match the headscarves with your outfits.

During this time, you thought that you need headscarves in a variety of types. You have lots of things that come up into your consideration:

"I need hijab for going to school, for work, for everyday wearing/casual, for some relaxing occasions, for formal occasion, for party, for workout, etc."

Then you need accessories for your hijab. You need beautiful brooches and pins to pin your hijab.

And, after all the basic stuffs you need have been got filled up, you thought you need some pieces to make the whole outfit looks prettier: adding a vest or bolero over your maxi dress, a necklace, bracelets, or a chic belt.

Then, without you've ever realized, you bought more and more hijabs, accessories, and also clothes, for (you think) your needs.

While it is, (honestly) in some way, exciting to have many new clothes (who doesn't love this? ^_^), at the end of the days, it also triggers a consumerism pattern. The intention may changes... by the time passes, you buy more and more clothes to follow the trends and try to be stylish by doing so (buying more clothes).

On the other hand, as a hijabi, because we have a must to cover all parts of our body (except face, hands and, some scholars think: feet), we need to think beyond we used to before. We need to be smart on how we pick the clothes we would like to wear.. on choosing the modest yet comfortable pieces from those bunch of stores.. or smartly working on layering stuffs to cover up those "revealing" outfits, and on how we mix-and-match, even clash, the wardrobe pieces, to achieve the look we want: when the whole outfit look modest, appropriate, yet fresh and stylish.

Eventually, all these experiences will sharpen your taste of fashion (eventhough we're still far from expert  ^_^).. added your fashion knowledge.. improved your skills on mixing-and-matching clothes. It comes by itself.. naturally.

But, there is a time when you need to stop buying.. whether it's only for a week, a month, or, if you can, for a year or more (this is not good for the clothing shops out there, right? ^_^). You need to learn how to be stylish in a budget. Buy only things that you really need. Improve your mix-and-match skills to an advanced level, so that you can mix-and-match clothes from your already-have wardrobe and still can look stylish without buying things more.

Or, at least, when you buy new clothes, consider to give away, swap or sell your "old" ones.

(Usually) Fashionistas in general, are being trapped in a consumerism lifestyle. They tend to follow the trends and/or buy more and more fashion items as an attempt to look stylish, to look different than others, and to have a different look each day.

It doesn't mean that being stylish and look fresh and fabulous is wrong.. No, it is good, even it is important, to have a clean, neat, appropriate and impressing looks. Even, as you can read in the Qur'an Surah 7:26, Islam allows people to treat clothes as a jewelry, to enhance beauty, as well as to cover nakedness.

So, in this context, the most important thing is to control our "nafs" (desire) to buy more and more things that we do not really need, and to learn sharing things we have.

What is your opinion?

Do you agree that an outfit mirrors its wearer's approach to things?

What did you think about style and fashion, and how it relates to consumerism lifestyle?
How do we hold back our desire to buy new trendy fashion items?
Do you have any tips and advices to share? Please share in the comment section below :)

Thank you for reading and sharing, Lovelies. Have a wonderful day!

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Motivational Quotes of The Day

Kickstarting a real change:
alice domar quote tina turner quote
eleni gabre madhin quoteIllustration: Jen Troyer (Source:

"When you stop making mistakes, you stop learning". 
( - Miley Cyrus)

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March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012

Welcome Summer. Happy Swimming!: A giveaway courtesy of Modest Sea [CLOSED]

Modest Swimsuit GIVEAWAY

What is one of the most fun activities during Summer? For me, it is swimming and walking on the beach while my kids playing with sand, corals and the sea water.

Lucky me, I've already had my own favorite swimsuit that I used to wear when I go swimming or take a walk on the beach with my family.

This time giveaway would be perfect for those of you who are waiting for the Summer to come and couldn't wait to enjoy their Summer swimming.. as Summer is the best season for swimming and beach-walking.. :)

The lovely Lori from Modest Sea recently sent me an exciting email about her willing to give away one piece of superb modest swimsuit to one of FashioningFaith Blog's readers.

To be in the chance of winning this giveaway, you must write down in the comment's section below this post: What is your favorite swimsuit from Modest Sea's site, and why?

The winner of this giveaway contest will get one swimsuit of her choice from the wide range of Modest Sea's beautiful collection (the gift will be picked up from your entry, so pick up well which one your favorite swimsuit because it's gonna be your gift!), and.. for all of you who have been being my lovely readers, will get a SURPRISE TREAT from Modest Sea!

So, before I explain further on how to enter the giveaway, I would like to introduce you to this new alternative swimwear line.

Modest Sea - Alternative Swimwear is a line that offers modest swimwear collection designed according to your desire. A swimwear piece from Modest Sea combines the finest design principles with innovative Italian fabrics to deliver moderate to full cover, sun protection and impeccable style.

Pin It

According to Modest Sea's website, the swimwear collection is made with AcquaZero fabric, developed by Sitip in Italy using nano-guard technology for the world's leading water-repellant swimsuit fabric. AcquaZero is fast drying and high durable with exceptional UV and chlorine resistance, high breathability and superior moisture management, so that, according to them, every piece by Modest Sea remains light and comfortable when wet or dry.

I love the designs of Modest Sea swimsuits, especially the ones with headcovers that look like a hat or, what I call, a hijab-cap. It would be perfect to be worn while playing under the sun on the beach.

Modest Sea's beautiful collection is ranging from full cover swimwear to mix-and-match options, all are made from high quality fabrics.

So, what are you waiting for?  

Enter the giveaway now! 

March 3, 2012

March 3, 2012

Runway Inspiration by Up2Date and Indonesia Fashion Week 2012

Feauturustic 2012 by Up2Date

One of Indonesia's well-known clothing lines in Muslim Fashion, Up2Date, on December 15th, 2011, showcased their feauturustic collection in regard to Jakarta Fashion Week.

According to Nita Damayanti, the chief director of Trimoda UptoDate, the word "featurustic" was a synergism of words: feauture, future, and rustic. So it can be defined as the upcoming looks with a touch of rustic/country style.

I love the "casual-ness", "comfort-ness" and "new-ness" that shone through the collection.

Here are the 15 looks from the show's runway:

(Photography by Arselan Ganin)

And from the recent premiere Indonesia Fashion Week event - Day 2 (held on February 24th, 2012, in Jakarta), here are some features of Islamicwear highlighted by Aquila Magazine:

The trend of year 2012 on Muslim Fashion showed by the video clip is all about multicultural looks, and that Muslim fashion can be fun and playful.

You can do it yourself by mixing-and-matching two or more cultural touch (selected from a great variety of world's cultures and traditions) into one outfit. Or, creating a kind of urban/contemporary look with a touch of local culture.

Happy mixing! :)

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