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December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012

MaxiDress Moment: A final passage of stunning White Gowns at the end of Chanel Pre Fall 2013's Show

Scotland Inspired

White wool gowns touched with lace and feathers.. Love them!

 (Photos: Alessandro Garofalo /, via

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December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Wish upon a holiday: A soft, frizz-free hair! ;)

Me with my second born at the cinema's rest room. He was sleepy.. ;)

Happy Monday, Lovelies! How do you do today?

Today, I would love to have a little talk with you about hair care..

As a style blog for Muslim women, perhaps many of you (my blog's readers) wear hijab.

Now, I want to know, how many of you that would be interested in the hair care sort of thing? As a hijab wearer, do you take care of your hair, or do you ignore it because you think that people do not see your hair?

As for me personally, not many people know what my hair looks like.. (surely it's because I'm a Muslim hijab wearer ^_^ ), and honestly, I do not take care much of my hair.. hehhe.. I'm not a type of girl/woman that spend so much time taking care of her body.

I do not like applying body lotion or face cream because I think they made my skin sticky or oily.. but I do wear a bit of face sunscreen because, from the information I got, sunscreen/sunblock is really important to our skin, especially for those who live in tropical country..

So, if I knew that one/some thing IS really IMPORTANT for improving the life quality, I can push myself to do "some actions" (such as wearing sunscreen, using hair conditioner, doing some sport activities, etc).. you know, it's like taking your medicine for the sake of your health ;)

And.. don't you feel like if you feel good about your body, it effects your mood. Your good mood and self-esteem boost up.. People around you also feel that. It shines through your face and words..

One thing also that push myself to take care of my body is that I keep reminding myself that everything that Alloh SWT has been created and given to us, should be taking care of, including our body ;)

Regarding to my hair, I have a bit curly, dry, frizzy, thick hair. This curly and thick 'thing' also add some volume to my hair.

My biggest hair complaint is the dryness and the frizzy-ness or stiff-ness of my hair. For this problem, it requires products use to keep my hair soft, moist and frizz-free, and that means, moisturizing is a priority! 

The hijab/scarf I'm wearing everyday while I'm out of the house in the middle of my country's tropical 'sunshine' weather (there always be sunshine throughout the year), also gives a perfect protection to my hair.. :)

I'm also not a fan of blow-dried hair and colouring hair because these actions only make my hair dry-ness worst.

And recently, P&G, along with BlogHer, introduced me to Fekkai Hair Care products.. (I never knew about this hair care products before..). So, soon after they informed me about it, I went to Fekkai site and read thoroughly about this hair care products.. and you know what I thought? This products look PROMISING! ;)

Fekkai's products are accessible, affordable, and - most importantly - contain innovative ingredients that transform the look, feel and health of your hair (as they claimed at their site). Created by the stylist Frederic Fekkai, the A-list of top hairdressers, this brand has a reputation synonymous with style, luxury and superior quality.

Frederic Fekkai Salon at Fifth Avenue, New York
Frederic Fekkai Salon at Greenwich, CT

In addition to providing exceptional professional results, Fekkai products feature the luxury hair experience with scientifically advanced products designed to rejuvenate different hair types. The first collection debuted in 1995, delighting women who craved high performance product that addressed their individual concerns.

Fekkai products line is a variety of special treatments and conditioners specially formulated to rejuvenate and restore damaged or processed hair. This line is divided into several categories, including: Advance Care, Color Care, Curl Care Glossing, Repair, Styling and Styling Tools.

Each collection has speciality based on those categories: Ageless, COIFF Stylers, Brilliant Glossing, Full Blown Volume, Essential Shea, Perfectly Luscious Curls, Protein Rx, New PrX Reparatives, Salon Technician Color Care, Silky Straight Ironless, Summer Hair, etc. Here is the link to see all collections of Fekkai Hair Care products.

You can choose which products that are best for your need and your hair type.

For me personally, this hair care line looks interesting and I'm surely would love to put them to the test, as soon as I have a chance to do it! And we'll see how it goes.. :)

One Fekkai's product that I eager to try is Fekkai New PrX Reparatives collection, which claimed as the ultimate reparative treatment for dry, brittle or broken hair and a deep nourishing conditioner. strengthens, detangles, smooths, repairs, nourishes all in one! 

Wow, this 'protein blocking and keratin protection' product looks like a great conditioner for - very dry, damaged, lacking shine or lustre, and too much frizz - hair.. This line might be 'a good prescription' to my hair condition.. hiya! :)

The Essential Shea Ultra Rich Mask also interest me as they claim that this product can work as a super moisture boost, simply apply it (instead of conditioner) all over the hair, leave in 5-7 minutes and rinse well.

They also have travel size products (which I love from this brand) that would be perfect for this season holiday travelling, since I have planned to travel this end-of-the-year holiday season, and want to bring up some of my caring products..

And.. the best news is.. Fekkai has an interesting DEAL for this holiday season!

Along with a complimentary exclusive gift for you, or for your loved one, or your friends.. hehe.. It's a crystal STUNNING HEADBAND that surely will jazz up your hijab style! :)

Here's the deal:

FEKKAI Holiday Promotion!

Valid on ALL Fekkai items. Product URL:

Product Promotion Offer:
10 % OFF your total order and a complimentary exclusive holiday headband with $50 purchase (while supplies last). Promo code: HEADBAND.

Go right here to purchase Fekkai products and claim the deal..

So.. what's your thought?

Would you like to give a try some new (to you) hair care products that interest you?

Do you have any complaint with your hair? How do you resolve your hair problem? And, for you, hijab wearers, do you have any problem regarding your hair and hijab?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.. thank you :)

Have a wonderful weekdays and stay fabulous!

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December 13, 2012

December 13, 2012

Winter Coats that make a statement..


Past few weeks have been hectic for me..

I was busy helping my sister preparing her wedding day, and then, about three days after the wedding, I got a very bad flu and felt very tired.

However, I'm very thankful that her wedding event has been run successfully, and become one of the magical and wonderful moments in our family's life.. :)

And today, I feel much better.. So I started browsing my Pinterest, while I realized there are stunning Winter Coats pinned on the boards that I would love to share with you..

These coats are really pretty! Each of them has a great unique design in a bold color-blocks.. with a feminine and elegance touch.

I'm so in love with them all! :)
Here they are:
winter coat that makes a statement.. love it! 
Fall/Winter coat that makes a statement - pink pop - 
Jill Stuart

What do you think?

And ohh.. I remember,

this morning I was also taking a look at some cool Winter coats to wrap up warm this season, picked by Marie Claire UK.. You might want to check them out here..

So.. have a fabulous week, Lovelies, and see you on the next post! :)

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