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February 1, 2013

February 1, 2013

Outfit Styling: Chic, Comfort, Covered Style


These are several outfit styling that I love so much. Look comfort, modest, and sooo fashionably.

Some styles look stylish effortlessly.. Some of them perhaps need an extra effort.. :)

The earth tones colour-palette, the pastel colours, the gorgeous flowy super maxi skirts whether with classic buttoned-up top or a unique braided sweater, the well-made outer wears (blazer, coat), along with timeless or semi-couture accessories (the handbag, cool checkered black-and-white fur clutch, belt, shoes, the bracelet and the rings) ARE definitely the style that I got easily fall in love with and pull off..

Simply pop up my polished headscarf wrapping, and I am ready to go! ;)

Source: stylet.ag via Rochel on Pinterest

Well, could you see yourself pull these looks off?

I could.. ;)


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Ayse Blogosphere said...

I love all of them ! So elegant and classy ! <3 http://muslimsday.blogspot.de/

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