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September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

[FashFaith's Pick] Graphic Printed Pashmina of Ina's Scarf

Today's FashFaith's Pick

Graphic prints, like tribal prints, on scarves or pashmina have been on trend these recent couple months within the Indonesian hijabers. Eventhough I love to see and would love to wear these tribal/graphic prints, I haven't got a chance to buy any of them ;)

One of the graphic printed pashminas I'm craving is the wave-band and tapizo colour scarf by Ina's Scarf, Indonesia distinctive scarf. The scarf is different because it was made in high quality by a traditional weaving technique (just like ikat or tenun clothe was made). I also love how it smells ;)

Unfortunately, this kind of scarf often run out of stock each time I want to buy.. ;)

Wave-band scarves by Ina's Scarf
Tapizo Colour scarves by Ina's Scarf
[Images credit: Ina's Scarf]
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One of Ina's Scarf stores where I was looking for a cute graphic-printed scarf.
*Pic taken by me
Waiting for the scarves back in stock now.. ;)

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Navya Rathi said...

Pashmina cashmere scarf are a symbol of grace and boost self confidence. scarf become popular in the fashion world and love to wear including men.

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