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January 30, 2013

January 30, 2013

On a Day Street-shopping.. just in Red and Yellow Mustard

Street Style

It was a bright sunny day, and this lovely lady made it brighter! ;)

(Photos by Rania, FashFaith.com)

Want to see more Street Styles? --> go right here.

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January 25, 2013

January 25, 2013

Look I love: The look from Indij

Hijab style

I found a brochure of Islamic clothing label... organized in my 'cupboard of things I want to keep'.

I can not recall from where or who I got this brochure, but one thing for sure why I keep this, it must be for a reason: that I loooove the look so much on a first sight! 

It's just soo stunning!!  

Hmm.. but one thing annoys me is the footwear.. I do not like this stunning outfit being paired with those kind of 'open-toes wedged-sandals' footwear. I prefer a pair of pumps for a more sleek and elegant look! 

Anyway, here's the look from Indij by Indira Putri that made me fall in love with.. :)

(Image: scanned by Rania, FashFaith.com)

Hehe.. the paper is a bit crinkle because of the un-neat storage.. ;)

According to the brochure, these outfit's pieces are available at www.hijup.com, or email for order at indiraputri9@yahoo.com

What do you think of this look?

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January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013

Trending: Polka-dots Abaya

Fashion Trend 

One more fashion insider which follows this season trend, coming up from Muslim Fashion world..

Have I said to you about what's on trend this season.. Yup, I have, here. From the classic black and white, stripes, prints, graphics, sequins to polka-dots..

Therefore, Amirah Fashions has just taken one step ahead to be closer to the trends..

Polka dots in abaya!

Score! :)

And, not only simply put the dots as they are. Amirah Fashion's designers have managed to put the dots smartly. Tiny dots that look like a 'twinkle twinkle little stars' was put only at the bodice of the abaya, to create a polkadots effect bodice; and at the edges of the sleeves. The result is fabulous! Simple yet elegant.

Do you have any idea what it would become if the dots are bigger and all over the abaya!?? Hmm.. I'm thinking about clowns.. hehe.. especially if the dots are in various colours.. (Or, do you think it would be cute? ^_^ )

So that, this abaya is an ingenious way to keep up with the trend without over-do it.

Well, I present to you this slim-fit style black jersey abaya with black-and-white polkadots effect bodice from Amirah Fashion.. :)

Styling tips: If you want to look bold, simply add a plain candy coloured scarf, or a floral printed scarf; Or, play with graphics by adding a patterned or a black-and-white striped scarf.

Or, go with a monochromatic look (pairing the abaya with scarf and shoes from the same hues), then add a bold statement bag to your look.
So, what do you think, Lovelies? Do you like this abaya?

(Photo credit: Amirah Fashion)

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January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013

This Season's trend at Zara

Fashion Trends

Zara has started the trend of this season..

We're seeing the classic (black, camel), stripes, polka-dots, tartans, prints, sequins, spiky and studded accessories at Zara's NEW collection. Love it all!!

Black maxi
Crossed blazer, Pleated striped trousers.
Sequinned and embroidered cardigan, Oriental-print chiffon blouse.
Polka dot printed shirt
Leather jacket with covered studs, Spiky necklace.
Striped shirt with pockets, Studded citybag.
Camel cape coat
Multicoloured jacquard pattern coat

(Photo credit: Zara's Lookbook)

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January 17, 2013

January 17, 2013

Indonesia's Muslimah Style Icon: Inneke Koesherawati, in her 'streetstyle' look

StreetStyle Hijab

Not so long ago, I went to a bookstore where I saw Dian Pelangi's very first fashion book: Hijab Street Style.

I knew about the launching of this book from the news of Sisterhood's event about six months ago in Jakarta. But I've never had a chance to take a look at the physical book.. until now.

I was curious about what's inside the book.. what kind of street styles are represented in this book. I took the book, which was put on a bookshelf, then I took long-minutes standing in front of the bookshelf, just to see and enjoy page-after-page.. With its "the sartorialist" style (less words, more images), this book is full of full-page, full-colored images of Muslimah streetstyles from various cities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Then.. close to the end of this book's pages, I saw two impressive looks that really caught my eyes.. Whose looks are they? I love them! Ohh.. those are looks of Inneke Koesherawati, a television star and a model; one of my favorite Muslimah style icons in Indonesia.. In this book, she was sporting my favorite "European style"! :)

 (Source: 'Hijab Street Style' Book by Dian Pelangi, photo taken by Rania of FashFaith.com)

The photos seem being taken in Paris, France, during Inneke and Dian's touring to Europe as a Brand Ambassador of Wardah Cosmetics.

I love Inneke's whole look in those photos, also every wardrobe-pieces showed up as a part of the looks.. the trench-coat, the boots, the bag, the sunglasses, how she wrapped her headscarf asymmetrically, and even a pop of inner-sleeves around her wrists.. ;)

Well, what do you think of Inneke's looks here?

Have you seen Dian Pelangi's Hijab Street Style book? Whose look do you adore so much as you might thought "it's sooo YOU" ?

Can't wait for the second 'INTERNATIONAL' edition of this book (as Dian plans to)! ;)


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January 13, 2013

January 13, 2013

Style Inspiration from the Runways: Escada Pre Fall 2013's Stunning Skirt-cuts

Runway Fashion

From Escada Pre Fall 2013 collection, I'm in love with the cut, the construction, and the drapery of these skirts (the lower-part of these dresses)..


As for the tops, which are unique but unfortunately-too-disclosed for Muslim fashion, definitely must be worn with a great blazer or jacket.. Now, they're hijab-ready! :)

 (Photos: Courtesy of Escada, via Vogue Russia)

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January 12, 2013

January 12, 2013

Outfit Styling: Candy Coloured Tights for Maxis

Outfit Styling

Pinned Image
Susie Bubble in Fendi heels and a flowing white skirt. We love how the magazine looks like a super-cool clutch.
Source: refinery29.com via Refinery29 on Pinterest
 ( (Photo by Mark Iantosca)

After browsing on visual inspiration on Pinterest, my eyes spotted on an image of a white flowing skirt wore with a pair of black tights and fabulous Fendi heels. This stunning look reminded me of some cool fashion looks, and made me think why don't we pair tights with maxis (whether it's a long skirt, maxi dress, or abaya)..

Is it an innovative idea to wear tights with maxis?

Not really.. In four-seasons countries, it's a common to wear tights with maxis in Winter as a way to beat the freezing climate. In the hijabers' world, it's also a common to wear tights with maxis for modesty reason.. but mostly the tights are in skin-tone colors or in black.

I love tights, eventhough I only have one pair.. in black ;) They are truly a basic staple we must have. I usually pair them with skirts or maxi dresses. But, I never really think of wearing candy coloured tights with maxis (skirts, dresses or abayas).

Until now.. in regards to pushing the edge, it's a fantastic idea to play with solid coloured (or striped, or printed, or glittery, etc.) tights, particularly with maxis.

I've never heard that people matched these two for truly a 'fashion forward look' reason, as long as I know.

I have seen so many people sporting tights (in magazines, TV, on the street, in formal working-environments, by fashion bloggers, etc.). They fashionably wore these solid coloured, striped, printed, glittery tights with minis; mini skirts, mini dress, knee-length or mid-calf skirts/dresses, or shorts.. but never with maxis (except for those reasons I wrote above, or any?).

Some general fashion blogs/sites even had wrote THIS as a fashion no-no because of "what's the point to wear tights under long pieces if the tights weren't showed up?".

Yeap, they are right!

But, what they've missed about is that sometimes it's still has a "disclosed-gap" between the bottom-edge of the long skirt/dress and the shoes.. That spot might becomes ours to play with by adding a pop of color on it.. A flash of color!

You could wear a monochrome sleek elegant maxi dress.. and then voila! At the bottom of your outfit, there's a flash of color pops up while you are moving (such as walking, stepping the stairs, or sitting..) Cool! :)

Below are some questions that might be pop up in your head ;)

Why tights, instead of socks?

Tights have wider coverage to cover your legs (and feet) while you are wearing skirt/maxi dress/abaya. By wearing tights, we will have more confidence thought that we are in a full-covered. No worries when the wind blows your skirt, or your skirt get hitched to something, or while you are riding a bicycle.. :)

Why tights, instead of pants or skinny jeans?

Pants or skinny jeans under your skirt/maxi dress/abaya give a weird, un-neat, bulge-look to your appearance. And sometimes, while you are walking with the pants/jeans under your skirt, it even makes the skirt pulled up and ended up messy folded around your thighs, because of the "kinetic friction" of the two materials: the pants and the skirt (my own experience.. sounds familiar to you? ^_^)

Why tights, instead of leggings?

Leggings or jeggings (a term for jeans-leggings mix) do not cover up the back (top of) your feet, so they do not give a flash of color as we expect when we don this style! ;)

Where could we get a variety of coloured tights?

At many online or highstreet fashion stores, of course.

But first site that crossed my mind when I think about tights is welovecolors.com since they have a wide range of variety and colour of tights, leggings, hosiery, and any kind of those things.

Also Amirah Fashions, as a well-known Islamic clothing, also has got this 'look-styling' lately by selling bright coloured tights for abaya wearers.. aaaand in a cheaper price! ;)

Only £2.00 for a Pair of Quality 80 Denier Tights

As they said in the website, these candy coloured tights would be fantastic worn with a black abaya and a great pair of shiny black shoes. "We think it looks stylish and unique".

So next time, why don't you try styling up your candy coloured tights with a contrasting earth-toned maxi dress; or vice versa, a bright coloured maxi dress with contrasting natural-hued tights..

Have you done this before?

What do you think of it? Sounds fantastic.. or weird? ;)

Olivia Palermo in black tights and printed maxi. [Photo: courtesy of OliviaPalermo.com]


January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013

Covered-style Inspiration: Lanvin Resort 2013

Style Note

Lanvin 'Alber Elbaz' collection in Resort 2013 looks edgy yet elegant and well-constructed. The chosen color palette was as bold as ever, whether it stands as a monochromatic color, stripes, or in prints.

There are two looks that caught my attention especially because of their full-covered cuts and loose-fitting silhouettes.

First, is a loose pleated maxi dress in soft cream.

It was paired with a black leather waist belt. I love the breezy effortless spin yet elegant look they created.. The pleats give an edgy-touch to the look as well.. Score! ;)

(Styling tips: Wear an under-garment if you wear a dress like this to lessen the sheer-ness).

A little playful question to you: For this monochrome ensemble, what kind/color of handbag do you think will make the most out of this look? Do you prefer pair it up with a contrast bright color handbag which will provide an interesting punch to the look, or pair it with a handbag from the same color-shades to keep it looks classic?

If you have a daring-with-an-edge style, perhaps another look from Lanvin Resort 2013 could be your style..

The other covered-look by Lanvin I spotted on is a bit glossy printed-outfit.
 (Photos: Courtesy of Lanvin, via Style.com)

The prints of scenery cover the whole clothes, from top to the ankles.. (I can see the unique prints of coconut trees placed at front of the pants.. hehe). I do not know what the outfit's material is but it looks a bit glossy.

And.. as if it's still less-"crowded", Alber Elbaz styled the outfit up with dense statement accessories: piles of necklaces, armfuls of bangles, and a medium-sized handbag, completed with a "funky" face cover.

Besides accessories, handbags are what Alber Elbaz has been focusing a lot of attention on lately, as he said in his presentation at the show. "I heard that bags are very important in fashion," he said again. So, we'll see what models of handbag would be showed up at the next Lanvin's fashion show.

Well.. for now, between these two looks, which one is nearly describe your style? ;)

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January 8, 2013

January 8, 2013

SALE Alert!! : Up to 50% OFF

Aab Collection

 Aab Sale

One of our favorite stores, Aabuk, is starting their BIG sale!

Yes, Aab's B-I-G sale is now on!!

As I mentioned in my latest article, Six Gorgeous Maxi Dresses/Abayas I Fall in Love with recently, Aabuk has some of the gorgeous collection of abayas, scarves, and accessories I've ever seen. One of their abayas I love is the Charred Coal Abaya..

Have you spent some times to take a look at Aab's site? Did you find your dream abaya there?

If you spot some items you love from Aab, get a move on, Ladies! The stocks are Limited. Some items are sold out very quickly!

Double Dots Silk Hijab

WAS £25.99

NOW £19.50 (25% OFF)

Indigo Pink Silk Hijab

WAS £19.99

NOW £9.99 (50% OFF)

Downtown Abaya

WAS £69.99

NOW £34.99 (50% OFF)

Sooo.. what are you waiting for?! Head to Aab's online store now! ;)

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January 5, 2013

January 5, 2013

Six Gorgeous Maxi Dresses/Abayas I Fall in Love with recently

FashFaith's Picks featuring: Mullani, Inayah, Aab Collection.

Opening year 2013, started with me wondering that I would love to try out wearing more frequently maxi dresses or abayas. Before I wear hijab, I am a 'jeans-tee girl all day long'.. The first time I wore hijab, the jeans or pants were still remain, I just changed the tops, from short-sleeved t-shirt became long-sleeved tunics/blouses/shirts or mini dresses.

I wore skirts or maxi dresses only when I go to the formal events, to the Eid prayers, attending 'pengajian' (Qur'an recitation and preach by Islamic scholars), wedding parties, or to the beaches (I love wearing thin-but not-sheer, lightweight, flowy skirts in the beaches instead of jeans.. of course.. you do, too, don't you?).

I am also an active mom, nurturing two active young boys with me trying to keep up with them. I sometimes ride a bicycle or motorcycle which makes me choosing to wear jeans and pants even more.

But lately, I have a desire to wear skirts and dresses more often. I feel pretty when I wear them :) My appearances look way-more-feminine with skirts or maxi dresses; and with the "right" (comfortable = cool, breathe-y, lightweight) materials, it is felt more easy-breezy and comfort. Yet, I have to remind myself to not move too actively and should be "well-behaved" when I sit or walk.. So, the skirt/dress I wear won't be tangled or hitched to anything.. ;)

Recently, the lovely ladies from Mullani fashion label and Inayah Collection introduced me to their collection. I visited the links they gave to their website, and I directly fall in love with some pieces from their collection.

I also visited Aab Collection's site because I recalled that they also have gorgeous abayas. Aab and Inayah even have abaya collection specialized for maternity.

Here are some gorgeous maxi dresses or abayas I hand-picked that I couldn't resist to fell in love with.. ;)

From Mullani fashion line, I really got into these two stunning dresses! I love the cut, the design, the pleats, how it drapes, the cuffed-sleeves, the buttons, the bow-tie.. everything!

Avril maxi dress

Avril’s details include: mandarin collar with buttons, pintucks, elastic waistband. buttoned cuffs, in seam pockets. 

Material: Crepe de chine, 100% polyester. Price: £135

Leyla - Black maxi dress
Leyla’s transformation is endless.. it changes as you wear the dress with a belt, a sash or simply let it flow. Leyla’s detail include: gathered neckline and sleeves. Sash included. The material is crepe de chine, 100% polyester. Price: £115

Shop Mullani: Mullani.co.uk

From Aab's site, there are two abayas that caught my eyes, the Black Navy Abaya and Charred Coal Abaya..
Aab UK Black Navy Abaya : Standard view
Black Navy Abaya
If you are going for silhouette this season then pick this Black Navy abaya. The stylish high neck wrap over in navy blue and main body in black jersey which simply drapes down beautifully. Simply wear it down to oozes style.

Fabric 100% cotton jersey. Price: £69.99
Aab UK Charred Coal Abaya : Standard view
Charred Coal Abaya
This fabulous coat style Abaya surely can keep you undoubtedly warm yet looking super stylish. Trenches are all the rage this season and this Abaya has all the features of a military catwalk classic!

The fabric is 100% cotton jersey. Price: £139.99. 

These two abayas I picked from Aab Collection are a 'NEW IN' in Aab's site and classified as everyday abayas, classic black, and work wear.

Shop Aab Collection: AabCollection.com

As for Inayah Collection, there is a NEW collection just launched, titled PRECOCIOUS, filled up with stunning and (look) comfortable draper-y tops and maxi dresses.

I've picked two that look stylish, comfort, and unique in cut and design, and also drape beautifully. Here they are:
Latte Abaya

Latte Abaya, a natural stone color, pleated shirt dress, is a classic piece that can act as your basic everyday wardrobe. Beautifully mixed it with a contrast georgette scarf. This abaya features invisible pockets on both sides of the hips. Fabric 100% linen. Price: £57.95

Soigne Abaya Navy Blue

This stylish essential everyday abaya looks classic and ooze elegance. Try pairing this abaya with printed scarves for a touch of additional character.

This abaya's modest flare also perfect for maternity wear, and the up-front buttons make it suitable for moms who is nursing her baby. Fabric: cotton jersey. Price: £62.95

Below is one look addition that I love from Inayah's Lookbook, featuring the Ruched Abaya.
(Pics are from Inayah Lookbook at their site)


Well, tell me what do you think.. do you love them, too?

Go take a look on those sites, they have so many designs of maxi dresses/abayas, jilbabs, hijabs, outerwear, accessories, etc., perhaps you will find your own dream abaya or maxi dress there.. ;)

Okay then, see you on the next post!


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