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My name is Rania.

Welcome to my fashion and style blog, FashFaith.com

I started this blog in October 2009. FashFaith.com was inspired by a fantastic film by Yasmin Moll, a PhD student in Sociocultural Anthropology at NYU, titled "Fashioning Faith". This film is about young Muslim women redefining what it means to be Muslim in contemporary America, and features several American Muslimah fashion designers.

Watch the video here:
Fashioning Faith: a documentary by Yasmin Moll from Yasmin Moll on Vimeo.

At the first time, this blog meant to be my private archive about anything interesting I found on the internet, that's related to Hijab in Islam. As the time went by, I found myself became more and more interested in Creative Hijab Wrappings and Covered Style.

Along with it, I've been shaping this blog as a media for me to express myself, bursting my thoughts, embracing my passion in Fashion, for sharing things that I love, fashioning what I believe as Islam's mandate for modesty, and.. introducing them to the world ;)

HIJAB... in its purest form, is the simple essence of modesty, of making sure you look decent especially on the street/outside the house.

And Hijab doesn't have to be drab.

O ye Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you. But the raiment of righteousness,- that is the best. Such are among the Signs of Allah, that they may receive admonition! (Al Qur'an Surah 7:26)

It is all right for both sexes to use clothing to enhance beauty as well as to cover nakedness. Yet the most important thing is to be modest and righteous.

About "FASHION" term in this blog, I couldn't be more agree to what Jana has said on her blog, Hijab Style:
‘Fashion’ is not necessarily about what’s ‘hot’, or the latest fad, or having the most expensive designer gear. For me it’s about being creative within my limits, those primarily being price, availability and hijab-appropriateness of clothes. It’s about combining things tastefully and experimenting with fabrics, cuts and colours. It doesn’t have to be ostentatious. And to say that with the advent of such blogs, hijab is becoming a fashion statement is a bit misleading. My blog was originally aimed at Muslim women who wear hijab, not the general public, so I am simply complementing what already happens on streets the world over.

As for my Blog's content, I work hard passionately to fill it with many charming inspiration of covered styles (from readers' style, street styles to runways), tutorials on headscarf-wrappings, a guide on how to wear every pieces of your wardrobe smartly.. to look fresh and fabulous, and most importantly, feel comfort and confident; along with the outfit styling tips on how to build your own 'chic-comfort-covered' style.

This blog also meant to be a media for sharing things that I love in Fashion: style inspiration, fashion tips, hijab styling tips, fashion trends, and fashion-newsflash from around the world, the latest designs in Muslimah Fashion, designers, hijab for sports, innovation or modification in hijab style, thoughts about hijab/modesty, Muslimah lifestyle, and anything related to fashion and style, especially for Muslim women.

And.. a bonus: some little stories about what's going on in my everyday life :)

Note: that some styles on this blog perhaps do not meet the requirement on Hijab (only Allah knows best), I just write what interest me..

About me:
I am a mother of two active young boys and a baby girl. I love reading, blogging, tasting food (sometimes cooking ^_^), doing some sports such as jogging with my kids or go to the gym, taking pictures, dressing up, dressing down, styling up the scarf I wear, watching people's style on the street, reading fashion blogs/sites, reading blogs/sites about blogging, watching FashionTV, BBC Knowledge, enjoy doing my errands, and traveling (eventhough I do not traveling much.. ^_^). I am also in the process of learning Photography, Photoshop, and improving my English skill... ;)

That's it, a bit about me and my blog..

If you need further details about my blog's statistics, social-media engagement, the brands this blog has been working with, the press this blog being featured on, etc., I am more than happy to present you my verified Fohr Card.

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Thank you so much for stopping by :)


FashFaith.com contains strictly opinion-based information. The content of the site is fact-checked to the best of my abilities but will, no doubt, contain errors of typing, spelling, intent, rumor, or presumption. You might disagree with my choices and that's fine with me as the editor of FashFaith.com.

I also want to disclose that my style blog, FashFaith.com, contains advertising and has developed an affiliate program whereby apparel, jewelry and other fashion related companies sell products through links provided on FashFaith.com. In return, FashFaith.com is paid a varying percentage of the sales price of sales originating from FashFaith.com.

Also, FashFaith.com sometimes participates in a sponsored twitter, pinterest, or facebook activity and is being paid for the touts, or for the links clicked by readers.

FashFaith.com is committed editorial integrity and honesty and by no means does its affiliate program affect what I choose to cover, or what I say in my editorial coverage.

All expressions written here are mine. Any queries please contact me: rania@fashfaith.com

Consider yourself Fully Disclosed.

-- Rania

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Muslim Fashion in the Qur'an:

O ye Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you. But the raiment of righteousness,- that is the best. Such are among the Signs of Allah, that they may receive admonition!
(Al Qur'an Surah 7:26)

"Modesty has its own style. Within Islam's mandate for modesty, the styles are endless.."


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