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10K average page views per month
1,587 Facebook Fans
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- Sponsored Posts: Contact me at for details.
(Note: that every opinions expressed in these posts are my true opinions).

- Link in the Shopping Directory: Shopping Directory consists of links to the shops I love, the affiliate links, and for advertisers/online shop owners that interested in submitting their links. It's FREE if I love the stuffs in your shop ;)

- Product Review or Endorsed Items: Free-of-charge item(s) for me to review or endorse, whether it's on a blog post, twitter, facebook, pinterest, or instagram. Items that have been sent free-of-charge are marked with "c/o" (courtesy of).
(Note: For product review, I will do a honest review and all opinions are my own. As for the endorsed item, I would pick it myself or determine whether I will endorse the offered item or not).

For any queries, please send an email to rania (at) with 'ADVERTISE' in the subject line.

Thank you..

If you purchase an ad and it is denied, please know it is because I felt that I couldn't provide you with the best support you need in getting 100% out of your ad, and nothing else.. ^_^

Please note that I do not guarantee that by putting a banner on my blog and/or adding your store link in my Shopping Directory will increase your sales figures. It takes time for branding and creating an image and there are many factors that affecting advertising. 

Prices and guidelines are subject to change at any time.
Last updated March, 2015.

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