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Guest Posts

Why don't you share it here.

Something interesting, such as great tips/tutorials on: outfit styling, hijab wrapping, fashion mix-and-match, DIY (Do It Yourself) projects or re-fashions tutorials, hijabs for daily wear, wardrobe organizing, health and beauty, decorating or arts/designs, self-improvement, etc.; Also a fun idea, style tips, some advices, an article on Muslimah fashion, or just sharing your thoughts.

Not only "interesting", the other key word is "great"... a post that makes the readers say, "Hey! That's a great idea!". But, don't let the 'great' part worry you... feel free to send the posts in to me. They might just be what I'm looking for.

Guest Posts can be brand new posts or favorites that you've shared on your blog.

For posts that have been published on YOUR blog: Email me the link (or multiple links), also an introduction of yourself and a picture.

If the post fit to my blog, I'll contact you within a week. If you don't hear from me, it means that your post isn't a good fit or the idea has already been shared on the blog. But please submit more links in the future. One of the times, it will be the perfect post! :)

For posts written specifically for this blog (never published): Email me your idea. I'll let you know if its something that will work, or not...before you get it all ready.

Guest Posts are NOT for advertising.

A guest post is about sharing an idea, advices, thoughts, and great tips without blatant business promotion. And, it's free. A guest post is allowed to include a link to your blog/shop/site and a brief intro about it in your personal introduction. Other than that, it needs to be all about your great idea.

So, off you me your great idea post links to with heading 'Guest Post'!

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