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March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Anthropologie's art inspiration

Just can't get enough of this image from Anthropologie's August 2011 lookbook I stumbled upon recently. I love everything about it; the photography and the clothing pieces: the shoes, the cardigans, the dress with its pretty bold print, the pants (even the flower.. ^^), I want them all greatly.. -- hmm.. I especially need the pants (and they also went on sale), unfortunately they are out of stock. Anthropologie seems always producing great images for their lookbooks.. combining art and great photography with covetable products, I just couldn't get enough of their images..


January 7, 2015

January 7, 2015

'Folded up' cropped pants

[Image above via Man Repeller]

Inspired by Man Repeller's image on instagram recently, I styled up my outfit wearing my pants 'folded up' like that -- see the image above. I rarely folded my pants up like that.. -- except when I'm at home doing some house-cleaning ^^. Eventhough I have several pants that hit below my ankles, I always wear them the way it is. If I need a pair of cropped pants, I will bring my pants to the tailor to get them cut off at the hemline, or buy a really cropped pants.. Yet, by doing this (folded up the hemline of the pants), you can instantly create a visual-effect of cropped pants.

Hijab styling tips:
Add a pair of socks with pretty motif to jazz up the whole look..

*Pictures by IR, edited by me.


November 22, 2014

November 22, 2014

14 Outfit Ideas from Winter-Streetstyle 'Coloured-Tights' Looks

Louise Ebel, via Miss Pandora
Blair Eadie, via Atlantic-Pacific (left); Elisa Nalin, via Jacopo Raule/Getty Images (right)
Blair Eadie, via Atlantic-Pacific (left); via Facebook/United Colors of Benetton (right)
Natasha Goldenberg, via Collage Vintage (left); Natalie Joos, via Vanessa Jackman (right)
Miroslava Duma, via Vanessa Jackman (left); Natalie Joos, via Vanessa Jackman (right)
via Miyelle Karmi (left); Susie Bubble, via Style Du Monde (right)
Louise Ebel, via Miss Pandora
Julia Sarr-Jamois, via Stockholm Street Style (left); Ella Catliff, via La Petite Anglaise (right)

All of these Winter looks, collected by Lucky Magazine, showcased outfit with any coloured-tights beside the classic black ones. This article encouraged readers to try out more colorful tights to replace the usual black tights/socks. It's really interesting seeing these people came out to the streets with their bold style..

I love the idea of wearing high cropped jeans with purple tights/socks and a pair of gold shoes from Blair Eadie's look above. And, Miroslava Duma in her midi skirt and tights. Also Ella of La Petite Anglaise with her texture-blended outfit in few shades of green. And.. all of these girls' fabulous shoes -- not to mention I'm a sucker for shoes.

Hijab Styling Tips:
In regard to our covered-style, Fall and Winter looks are our big source of inspiration. Here are the tricks.. Simply:
  • replace the tights with your colorful well-tailored fitted-pants, and socks in the same colour, 
  • wear an 'H-line' long skirt under the flared mini skirt, or an 'A-line' long skirt under the fitted mini skirt,
  • replace mini skirt with maxi skirt, or
  • wear a mid-calf length midi skirt or a pair of high-cropped pants to show off your bold tights/socks -- whether they're colorful, quirky-patterned, shiny, or the bling-bling ones..
Then top it off with a headscarf/shawl -- and hat if you want to..

Well, are these tricks just make you want to run to your wardrobe and dress up with fall/winter looks in mind? Simply go head, Lovelies!

Happy weekend and stay fabulous.. ;)

[Images: via Lucky Magazine]


October 21, 2014

October 21, 2014

[Outfit Styling] Layering a striped dress over a chambray shirt, accented with pops of color.

[photography by Adam Biedekapp]

Today's outfit styling inspiration comes from Jessica of The Steele Maiden. She made a unique twist.. layering a short-sleeved striped dress with a chambray shirt inside -- I've never thought of this--, then she added a classic braided belt and accented her look with pops of color (a colorful vintage scarf, a yellow clutch, and a pair of blue pumps). Love it! I can't wait to create a similar look of my own.. ^^

What do you think? Do you like this style?


May 18, 2014

May 18, 2014

Yellow bright

Love these illustrations by Andrew Bannecker, an American artist-illustrator, who is an expert colorist. This color combination looks so amazing to me.. The bright mustard yellow adds "life" to the black-white-grey blue tones..

Outfit ideas: Try to add this vibrant yellow to your black-and-white or blue-grey outfit.. and let's see how it goes.. ;)


May 9, 2014

May 9, 2014

Modest Beach Outfits

Modest beach wear sometimes is tricky. We should consider whether we will be just playing on the sand by the seaside; or, will be also sea-hopping (swimming, snorkeling, riding boat, etc.).

If you just want to play on the sand, enjoying the sea-waves on the seaside, and put only your hands and feet into the sea-water, then these outfit ideas picked by Farrah Eman published in Aquila Style Malaysia magazine look so cute for enjoying the beach.

But if you plan to beach hopping including jumping into the sea water (for swimming, snorkeling, etc.), you need more water-resistant outfits. My tips, based on my own experience, is:
  • wearing a Muslim swimsuit, or wearing a spandex/lycra tee teamed up with swim pants/leggings, then top it off with a dress or skirt made from lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon or viscose (or any other fabrics that dry easily). Here is when I wear a swim pants with a light-weight chiffon maxi skirt. 
  • As for the headscarf, I wear a chiffon scarf (or the usual hijab Paris) without inner.. The key to make this hijab style won't be see-through is prefer for the headscarf which has the same color as your hair (in my case, I usually wear a black one), and wrap the scarf two or three times over your head. This chiffon scarf will dry easily after you play in the sea water and there would be a room for perforation and air circulation on your wet hair; If you still want to wear inner under your headscarf, you can wear a bandana or under-scarf made from lace, or spandex/lycra; Or, to keep your hair relatively dry, wear a common swimming cap, or simply wear a Muslim swim headcover --that also cover your neck--. Some of these Muslimah swimsuit's headcovers come with a look that look like a baseball cap.
Like this swimsuit from ModestSea, it provides a great coverage for beach outfit, not only it will be accommodating activity in the sea water but also for 'just enjoying the beach on the seaside' activity.

What's your modest beach outfit?


March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014

[Outfit Styling] Pinstriped Shirt paired with Coat, Vest, or a Short-sleeved Top

Today's Outfit Styling Idea

From the Stella Jean's Fall 2014 show in Milan there are some outfit styling inspiration we could take. One of them is to style up the long-sleeved pinstriped shirts under a short-sleeved top like coat, vest, or a short-sleeved mini dress. I think the add-up of a pinstriped shirt give a touch of formal look to an outfit.. As for her Fall 2014 collection, Stella Jean paired the pinstriped shirts with colorful vibrant "crowded" prints.. Perhaps this kind of look suit your office environment.. ;)

Could you see your self sporting this look? :)

(Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /, via

January 28, 2014

January 28, 2014

Outfit Layering's Ideas

Layering.. is our "friend" as a hijabi. Especially in the times when Muslimah outfits haven't yet popular like they are now. Or, for our hijabi friends who live in "the West" where relatively hard to find pieces in a maxi cut.

For us here, we go for layering when.. we couldn't find where our long-sleeved maxi dress is.. hehe ^_^, or when we want to add some structure to our outfits, or when we want to jazz up our looks.. we go for layering.

I, personally, love layer/layering as, to me, it adds a 'stylish-ness' to your looks :)

In 'four-seasons' countries, people use layering to warm themself in the Winter. These warm looks are a good source of inspiration for hijabi like us, but.. please pick the stylish ones.. ^_^.

Who What Wear recently displayed stylish warm looks from several well-known fashion bloggers using pieces you already own which definitely could be a great source for your layer up inspiration.. As for my tropical weather country, I might translate these looks by using more light-weight and breathable materials.

Check out the slide of these looks on Who What Wear: New Ways to Layer Everyday Pieces.

Here are some of my favorites:
Photo credit: Park and Cube
I love the little white dress that peek out from the sweater.. ;) Using mini dresses for layering up is my favorite.

Photo credit: Man Repeller
Layered with jewels.. anyone? ;)

Which one(s) is your favorite look from the slide?


December 24, 2013

December 24, 2013

This Season's Trend to Try: The wide-leg pant

Happy holiday, Lovelies! :)

One trend that worth to try this season, which is very hijab-friendly, is the high-volume pant..

Below are some wide-leg pant 'pull-off's from Shopbop (a renowned online shopping site) which I really love:

You can shop these looks at

There are lots of chic wide-leg pants that I love, such as the palazzo pants from Ellery, high-waisted flowy pants from alice + olivia, super wide-leg pants from Kaufman Franco, spongy wool twill wide-leg pants from Marc by Marc Jacobs, front fold trousers from Vika Gazinskaya, floral jacquard pants from Rochas, and pedry trousers from Theyskens' Theory.

So.. could you see yourself pulling off this trend? ;)

(Images credit: Shopbop)


October 6, 2013

October 6, 2013

Blooming Muslimahs: What to Wear when you're heavily pregnant

Maternity Clothing

As I enter the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I feel that I always wear the SAME clothes almost EVERY day.. ;) Do you ever feel that you have very limited options for clothes while you're at a late stage of pregnancy?

During these current days, I just (always) wear my 'bigger size' clothes I already have:
My 'very wearable' palazzo pants in neutral colour which has an elastic waistline,
similar below:
Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Palazzo Pants - Assorted Colors
                        Liz Lange for Target maternity palazzo pants

my bigger sized t-shirts, some loose blouses, my sleeveless A-line mini dresses with looser fitting in the waist area, paired with my light cardigans, long-sleeved shirt, or blazers over them, with the buttons left undone.

I can't wear my maxi dresses, because mostly they become midi dresses as my baby bump lifted up the hemline. I can't wear my usual skirts because my waistline has expanded, and if I try to put the skirt's waistline on top of my belly, it become a midi skirt. I don't like to wear legging/jegging as an innerwear layered under these maxi dresses/skirts because it feels uncomfortable at the belly and thighs as my thighs also expand, and it's not look good at all. I don't like the look of shapeless abayas on my pregnant body. Almost all my shirt and tees do not fit me anymore. And ALL my pre-pregnancy jeans and trousers must be retired for a while.. ;)

As for 'inside the house' outfit, when I only stay at home, I have five daster (= a loose short-sleeved knee-length dress made from a very comfortable fabric such as cotton or linen) which I wear over and over again alternately.. ^_^ Daster is highly recommended to be worn to beat the heat and high humidity in my country's tropical weather because of its comfortability and it's practicality to be worn while you're expecting a baby and, at the same time, you also have to do the household tasks and taking care of the baby's siblings.

However, I do not want to spend money on maternity clothing, unless.. it would be wearable long after I have delivered my baby, through nursing, and got back in my pre-pregnancy shape ;) Pregnancy doesn't necessarily make you have to buy a whole new wardrobe though!

But, if you think it's a necessity for you to buy some clothes (I definitely need to buy some new underwear in larger size ^_^), remember that your first priority should be COMFORT.

I digged into few online shops which sell maternity clothing to find out which ones have really good ranges of maternity clothes. Personally, I did not intend to buy any clothes as I thought I've already had few 'looser fitting' pre-pregnancy clothes.. but here are some modestly stylish pieces I would pick as maternity clothing if I need to buy some; Or, just to get me inspired by the styles:

Soft Ash Abaya from Inayah Collection. This stylish, lightweight, modest flare abaya is also suitable for nursing. And the Cascade Midi Dress.

Topshop also has some really stylish and comfort maternity clothing:

Zalora Indonesia has some great ones, too:

Mothercare has a really good range of maternity clothes:

And here are some stylish pieces from Mamas and Papas:

So.. what kind of clothing do you love to wear while embracing your cute baby belly? Do you have a favorite store to buy maternity clothing? Share with us in the comment's section below! ;)

(Images credit: Target, Topshop, Zalora ID, Mothercare, Mamas and Papas)


August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013

Six Style Tips for Fall 2013

A Guest Post by Suzy Walsh

Most of us see a lot of the Fall trends, and in 2013 the looks and appearances on the runways have been much simpler and easy to manifest in the daily life. 

There are so many things to try, but how often do you consider the fact that you may be making a fashion mistake? 

When you shop for clothes online, take a look at what you must try for the Fall season:

  • Avoid embellished overcoats and outerwear: Unless you are looking forward to a party where you need a look book, you must avoid wearing anything that is extremely shining, embellished and extremely flashy. This Fall, designers and experts tell us that the looks are more about being subtle. For overcoats and all kinds of outer wear, look for the quality textures and materials!

  • Don’t avoid the classic prints: For 2013, the designers have played a lot with the unique styles and statements from the classic themes rather than coming up with something new. Think of all the classic designs like houndstooth pattern that are more like classics in the wardrobes and you can never go wrong with them. If you are thinking of making substantial statements in Fall season, this is the year when you buy a lot and stock for many Fall seasons to come.

  • Don’t overdo with colours: The minimalistic themes for the Fall 2013 have surprised many. For those who like colours, you can officially give the brighter shades some rest and come up with better designs and looks. Rather than having colours that need more of toning, look for green shades. From olive to emerald to khaki greens, there are many colour-gradation and shades in this lovely colour that you would love experimenting with.

  • Don’t avoid white: Full length Winter and Fall wear in white is something that has found many takers. We love to break the monotony of the dark colours of these seasons, and designers suggest that white can be a perfect alternative. Think of anything from the beautiful pant suits to the full white-coloured hijabs, there are choices for every woman out there. 

  • Don’t forget the peplum style: Peplum style is something that has been in trend for many seasons now, and as the fashion police seems to say, don’t forget this for the Fall. Rather than having a cut, the designs are more about the style options, so do explore what you need to have for the perfect peplum look. 

  • Don’t avoid leather: Leather's texture and feel is something that has a lot of appeal. Even when you are dealing with black leather, there is a lot to experiment. Do look for all kinds of small leather-looks rather than a complete look. Clutches, shoes or even in belts, leather in the outfit can make any woman look worth a million dollars.

Image Credit: [,, &]

Author: Suzy Walsh is a style expert and blogger, who is the editor-in-chief for The House of Elegance Fashion. She is a guest writer for many prestigious blogs and website and is known for her unique approach to fashion.

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August 24, 2013

August 24, 2013

Get the Look: Formal Attire

Hello, Lovelies!

Are there any of you need some style inspiration for formal occasion or working outfit?

Here is my outfit for the parents meeting at the kids' school. I love the pastel colours on my retro dress combined with the natural beige and maroon blazer, then I just spontaneously highlighted the combo with a pair of neon pink heels and headscarf; accessorized with 'the earth-toned' brown handbag and gold ring.

Do you like it? If you do, you can steal my style with my easy Get The Look guide below.. ;)

Get the look, Formal Attire, maroon blazer, working outfit, beige, neon pink, peach, hijab style, floral dress, retro dress

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July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013

Today's Styling Tips: Summer Breeze

Outfit Styling

Today's Summer style tips is..
Wearing a chiffon or tulle dress/skirt to achieve a Summer breezy look! :)

Chiffon or tulle is a lightweight and flowy fabric. It's easy to wear, and I love the way it flows when you walking.. it's feminine, light, easy breezy yet chic. This chiffon/tulle fabric also adds a touch of girly and "playfulness".. such breezy look that suit for warm Summer days.

Add a cute blazer or cropped jacket to cover your top as well as to jazz up your 'girly' look! ;) 

Below are the chiffon/tulle wardrobe pieces I found that I'm in love with:

Mint Tutu skirt from Annah Hariri

Denim and Supply fluted maxi skirt at Asos
:, asos, chiffon skirt, summer style, fashion tips, summer breeze, summer look, maxi skirt, hijab style, covered style

Guava Fresca Dress at ModCloth

Gold coffee silk chiffon skirt at Etsy
women's gold coffee silk Chiffon 8 meters of skirt circumference  long dress maxi skirt qz02, chiffon skirt, chiffon dress, fashion tips, summer style, summer look, summer breeze, hijab style, covered style

And here are some Summer-styling inspiration for you, featuring the chiffon skirts/dresses:

Summer Breezy with chiffon dress/skirt, chiffon dress, chiffon skirt, Summer Breeze, outfit styling, summer style, spring ensemble, olivia palermo, covered style, style inspiration, hijab style, maxi dress, Nic+Zoe blazer, pointed flats

Inspired by Olivia Palermo's Spring/Summer ensemble when she's out and about in NYC:
chiffon dress, chiffon skirt, Summer Breeze, outfit styling, summer style, spring ensemble, olivia palermo, covered style, style inspiration, hijab style, zara, denim jacket, nine west heels, red tote, forzieri silk scarf, uniqlo belt, maxi dress

Zara denim jacket
596.375 IDR -

Nine west heels
796.395 IDR -

Red tote

221.245 IDR -

maxi/ day/ summer /beach/ chiffon dress
298.585 IDR -

Do you love chiffon skirts/dresses as much as I do?

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